tuesday’s girl: closet visit.

let’s face it. some days we get up, brush our teeth, wash our faces, apply a little lipstick, run a comb through our hair…all the while wondering just what the heck should we wear today? the daily ritual of putting clothes on can occasionally become tedius, and that why i like this site so much. los angeles-based artist, jeana sohn makes paintings, sculptures, videos…and she takes photos. of other women and their closets full of clothing, fabulous shoes and fun accessories in a very natural ‘selby-like‘ fashion that is real and accessible. closet visit features every day women with every day wardrobes offering up some really good inspiration just pulling from their own closets. here’s a look at jeana’s closet visit…you can also see jeana’s art here, and visit her blog here.

10 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: closet visit.”
  1. Every picktures are like a painting!!! Lovely/ johanna

  2. Pretty flipping fantastic. I hadn’t seen this site before, so thanks for the introduction. It may make me want to burn everything in my own closet though. ;)

  3. Kacie says:

    I LOVE closet visit. It’s my favorite. Sigh! I am guilty of wasting lots of time on that site!


  4. Kamila says:

    this is funny today i have also made a post about this project! Im still discovering blogging so knowing that Im sharing a topic with my hero blog makes me really happy!:) I wish one day my post will be as great as yours I enjoy your writing so much and your taste is just olalal!

  5. Lucija says:

    The collar in one of the photos in the middle is perfect!


  6. I often find myself getting lost in this site – the women she photographs are so accessible and still very aspirational. Lovely!

  7. Amy says:

    I’ve been following Jeana’s blog for sometime now, and love her closet visits. She has such a great eye, and her descriptions hit the spot. Thanks for sharing with us!


  8. Jelanie says:

    Great inspiration!

  9. Mo says:

    Wow, some really inspiring and amazing pictures.
    Thanks for posting them.

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