i spy: girlie style.

in all honesty, i feel a bit of pressure writing the first post on the newly designed site! the expectations y’all might have — yipes! but here i go — and i am most excited, too. i’ve got the good kind of butterflies. today, i spy girlie style. seems appropriate, given the new site design. let’s embrace our inner girlie-girl, shall we?

always feminine audrey hepburn; great gallery on black via emma’s designblogg; and amazing pink Samsas sofa by Carl Malmsten, as pointed out by uncle beefy on houzz. and i just got a settee like this one from photographer Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson — i love the way this is styled. lots of inspiration, here!

more femininity from photographer Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson.; perfect party girl, audrey hepburn; i crave one of these Bamileke Feather Headdresses – so incredibly dramatic and fun! i love these rooms photographed by petra bindel and Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson — viva pink & black!

always one of my very favorite domino images, ever; pink with pops of blue from marie claire maison; and i’ve always loved this headboard idea, via house to home.

• top images via decor8, via becky.

50 Responses to “i spy: girlie style.”
  1. Anna @ D16 says:

    Love this! It’s like the perfect visual accompaniment to the new site design. :)

    That pink sofa is so, so nice. I really want to put that in my apartment.

  2. victoria says:

    thank you, superstar. that’s your new nickname. :)

  3. grace says:

    Great new website Victoria!! :) And great post! Love the Party Pink images!

  4. Mandy says:

    Loving both the post and the new design :) Yay you!

  5. nichole says:

    Gorgeous! LOVE the new blog.

  6. I still miss Domino! Love this post, and I “spied” the pink and gold jumbo vase as I have the same one. The most girly I’ve ever really been ;) LOVE your new look. It truly conveys your “bohemian modern style”!

  7. brittney says:

    i was sad to see that it was temporarily shut down this morning but the blog looks amazing!!! since i began redo-ing my room, this has been one of my home pages so i was sure to have inspiration each day

  8. Absolutely yummy! We just launched our new look two weeks ago and are finally feeling at home. Isn’t it A M A Z I N G to have threaded comments?! We feel like new women!
    But, seriously, your site is inspiring and gorgeous. Thinking about adding a few shots to our pinterest!
    At the Table,
    Kristin & Chris Ann

  9. what an adorable place….Hugs, johanna

  10. Elizabeth says:

    A bedspread that I love! (That is not white which is the one I usually love but is off-limits due to a grey dog.) Oh, happy day.

    I love the new design!

  11. Tina Slocum says:

    Love your new design and your perfectly Girly post to usher it in!
    Absolutely Fabulous my Dear!
    Bravo and enjoying your blog daily~
    Tina xox

  12. homestilo says:

    Lovely- just like the new lovely touches on your blog!

  13. everything is fabulous…but i have to say….i just ADORE the “i must” framed piece:)

  14. ashley says:

    beautiful, beautiful site re-design!! i’m loving the freshness of it all! great work, victoria!

  15. Chelsea says:

    The site looks fantastic. I am obsessed! Girlie perfection indeed. xoxo

  16. love the new site! and love that you started it with the always fabulous i spy!

  17. Mo says:

    Looks great, suits you perfectly. You’re right these talented ladies really ‘got’ you. Love the Hudson and Bindel photographed rooms. There’s something about high ceilings, white, white, and more white, balanced with black, grey and pink.

  18. Uncle Beefy says:

    Thanks for the sweet link love, Miss Victoria! (I’m kinda dyin’ for that pink sofa! <3 )

    And, LOVING the whole new look! Gorgeousness! :)

  19. Melanie says:

    I’m loving all of this pink. :) Beautiful, Victoria.

  20. Lori says:

    Love the new design! Love the top room and I LOVE the framed “I will not talk”.

  21. Kacie says:

    OOH! I love that Audrey photo from Funny Face. Think PINK! Love it.


  22. there must be something in the water because I can’t get enough of girly stuff lately either! and I must say that all of your posts look 2348972x better on the new site design (if that is even possible!) so congrats !

  23. Kristie says:

    Any notes on the top photo….LOVE the bedspread…LOVE the Photo…I that Tippi Hedron in The Birds?? Oh and maybe you can give some ideas on how to create such a photo…or where to get such cool old frames…gilded gold…Or how you would blow up a photo that big…wonder if you have to buy it that big??

    • victoria says:

      i think it’s a photograph – maybe it’s an australian artist because that’s where this shot is from. but lots of copy centers will scan and blow images up that large nowadays. or look on 20×200 or little paper planes for large format prints. even etsy has them.

  24. Linda says:

    Stunning post + L O V E your site redesign – so fresh and has great spirit!
    Dynamite banner!!! Congrats

  25. katherine says:

    LOVE the new look! Congratulations on the seamless transition and the wonderful new logo. Love the “press” section and the photos of you. And of course, love the reveal!

  26. Shay says:

    Go girl power !!!! Beautiful blog reno.
    You are rockin it !!

  27. jennidi says:

    How could any sort of collaboration between you and Anna not be fabulous?! Amazing!


  28. Joan says:

    So fabulous! The new design really suits you… love the banner, the pink and more pink for today and th easier-to-navigate-than-ever changes. Whoo-hoo! You are such a star, Victoria! Have fun with the fresh look!

  29. Tess says:

    Oh Happy Tuesday ~ LOVE the posts, and the new look! G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S (and more than a little luscious too!)

  30. Your website looks amazing and soooo original! All I can say is WOW! Brilliant job Victoria – to all of you who worked on it! You are an ispiration!

  31. Jen says:

    I love all of these!!! I want to redo my bedroom and whole house now! :)

  32. Cathy Jean says:

    Sweet! Is it my imagination or are these images much more saturated etc.? Love the “Lines”, (that is what my husband says they are called in England), but the lines of “I must not talk!” Boy do those ring a bell and so cute framed! Love the new logo! Very nice.

  33. Sara says:

    I love the new site. Thanks so much for doing this.
    All I do is sit here and keep logging on to look at what new inspiration there is and then I copy it in my house (grey walls!). So thanks for staying up late and walking that dog in the rain, I do appreciate it as you are my favourite ‘magazine’ now.
    Also good luck with finding a new pad, what upheaval but it will all turn out ok in the end.

  34. Your redesign is gorgeous!

  35. Penny Patten says:

    Love your new Blog look! Great pictures of some fabulous spaces!

  36. MamaChilanga says:

    I adore the rug in that first pic. Where in the world might I find something similar?


  37. victoria says:

    west elm has some new colorful and angela adams might be a good bet!

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