the shutterbugs: lönngren/widell.

i absolutely covet the interiors shot by stolkholm-based photographer amelia lönngren widell. cozy cottages that are eclectic without being cluttered or overly-fussy. even her more ornate styled shots like the one up top have me drooling — they’re just so european and cosmopolitan. i do love the scandinavian aesthetic! here’s a look at some inspiring interiors from lönngren/widell.

6 Responses to “the shutterbugs: lönngren/widell.”
  1. homestilo says:

    I really like how she captures the details and how bright everything looks.

  2. so beautiful! love all the textures and textiles!

  3. Cathy Jean says:

    Really Really Pretty. Rustic in some, which I like. Also am getting a kick out of why that Mona Lisa is covered in paper but it works! Only thing I would do different with that fabulous over-the-top bed is position it in the corner so it is kitty-corner. Enjoying how your text appears on your new blog!

  4. Jessica C. says:

    Really enjoying your new layout, Victoria. What font did you use in the picture for “shutterbug” and Amelia’s name?

  5. Amelia says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely post!

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