well, La-di-da, la-di-da, la la.

in the words of annie hall, “well La-di-da”! did you know diane keaton had her very own fabulous line of homewares? me, neither, until now. diane keaton is one of my all-time idols (i used to dress like her in collage, in the vests and hats) and i’m even going to hear her speak at city arts & lectures in the fall. but this? the k by keaton line is black and white and awesome all over. simple stoneware dishes, and beautiful bedding, inlcuding a zigzag duvet cover that is calling my name. it’s available online and bed bath & beyond. does woody know about this?

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  1. Chelsea says:

    What? How have I not heard of this. I love the kitchenware- now off to do some investigating! xoxo

  2. Krysta says:

    I had no idea! The bedding is gorgeous in a really lovely, but unfussy sort of way!

  3. Love the bold, b/w graphics! Especially the stripes!

  4. Giulia says:

    Wow! Thanks for this…this is great! I am working on a black and white master, so I’ll have to check it out and see if they’ll ship to Canada…

  5. Thank you for posting this! I didn’t know anything about this line and now think I need some new bedding!!
    and maybe some plates!!

  6. Wow who knew??? I love the strong type / black and neutrals combo.

  7. hena tayeb says:

    Love the neutrals.. the bedding is my favorite

  8. tijana says:

    i once met diane at a barneys in costa mesa… she was the sweetest lady, and i was highly impressed with her. for an entire year i would joke around and say that she and i were bff…

    joking aside, her collection is great! so fitting that she would do something in classic black and white, with bold stripes and lettering…

    thanks for sharing! and by the way, KUDOS ON AN AMAZING BLOG-SITE RENOVATION VICTORIA! … it’s beautiful :)

    • victoria says:

      i think she would be super nice! i once almost worked on a photo shoot with her, and was so disappointed when it didn’t happen.

      and thank you – so glad you like the new look!

  9. thanks for this…this is great! Hugs, Johanna

  10. Tara says:

    LOVE that flatware! How great to be able to have a piece of DK in your home :)

  11. peggy says:

    I ADORE Diane Keaton.

  12. Kacie says:

    I am in love with those plates! Those are the best little plates ever! Who knew! Thanks!


  13. Lin says:

    I just can’t keep up! She’s always been one of my favorites and I love her more now with the skin care campaign and her sense of humor and grace in getting older. Now home stuff – who knew? Thanks for the sneak peek!

  14. Franci says:

    My palette preference leans (heavily) to color yet I love the strong graphics and whimsy! Dishes have a feel of a contemporary re-imagining of Russell Wright.

  15. Wow! So funny when celebrities get into the design game… really nice stuff though. I’m impressed.

  16. I love love love Diane Keaton too! Especially in Annie Hall.
    I didn’t know she was into this kind of stuff. Love those bowls.

  17. shannon says:

    YUM! such a fantastic and simple collection!

  18. jan says:

    i like the checkered blanket.

  19. Anna @ D16 says:

    WHAT?! Oh wow, this is so amazing! I love Diane Keaton (gee, no one would’ve guessed that about me, ha ha) and I think she has the most amazing sense of personal style—so cool to see that that extends to her taste in furnishings as well!

    I kind of want to go to BB&B to stock up right now! I definitely think you need that duvet cover. I mean, it matches the blog and all. ;)

  20. really lovely…I did not know about this but am so excited to explore some more…thanks for sharing Victoria

  21. Kathryn says:

    OMG, my idol! And she’s coming to SF???!!! I hope it’s not sold out yet! Thanks for my favorite movie reference too :-) She’s always had impeccable taste so I can’t wait to check out this line. I hope that checked blanket was hers, love it!

  22. KaBoomBOX says:

    The K by Keaton line is really nice. The color story isn’t black and white, but a creamy ivory and black. Still very graphic, but a little softer than black and white. The throws are awesome, and 100% wool.

  23. Oh oh. Too much that I want in this collection. Thanks so much for the head’s up SFGirly —

  24. Cindy says:

    Doesn’t that pillow look like the ones that have been made and sold by Enhabiten for years? This doesn’t bother anyone? I like the designs. But I liked them before Diane Keaton’s name was attached to them.

    • victoria says:

      cindy – i suppose i was focused on the overall design of the collection, and hadn’t thought about the swiss cross pillow, and i even own two of enhabitan’s beautiful pillows myself. i think the swiss cross has been around for a long time, though, and lots of people are designing with it, like brin and nohl, http://www.etsy.com/shop/BrinandNohl?ref=pr_shop so hopefully she wasn’t directly knocking of liane’s enhabiten designs.

  25. liane says:

    Hi. Liane from Enhabiten here. It is weird to see this line launch around the internet. And normally I lay low but I do feel compelled to chime in here and I hope Victoria doesn’t mind humoring me.
    Of course the swiss cross has been around much longer than me! And when I first began selling my things on Etsy I was no design scholar. So whether the imagery was used as a design element a lot here in the US or in other places I was quite oblivious. I do know in the little universe of Etsy I was the first person to use the design on a pillow as far as I know. I wouldn’t expect any one but me to know this because, let’s face it, who else pays as close attention to me but me. ;)
    And when it became popular in the little Etsy universe I just figured that’s the way it goes and pretty much anyone using Etsy as a platform to run a business is similar to me in just trying to make a bit of a homemade go of it.
    But there is something different about a large company using a design similar to your own. And what I think qualifies this particular Diane Keaton pillow as derivative is the faux hand-stitches.
    I will probably never know if whomever designed this pillow ever ran across my stuff on the internet. But if he or she did then than that does stink. And it is wrong.
    Getting ideas and inspiration from others is fantastic and an essential part of the creative process. But then you have to take that idea and work with it and make it your own. Not just create the same thing.
    In any event, I am happily working on new things which I am really excited about. So as good as that old hand-stitched cross has been to me it’s not what get’s me up in the morning these days.
    Thanks for hearing me out!

    • victoria says:

      hi liane,
      thank you for jumping in and letting us know how you feel about this. i really am very sorry if i contributed in any way to any bad feelings you were having about this pillow being reproduced. in all honestly, i really was initially so excited about the duvets, and the dishes, that i hadn’t really focused in on the swiss cross pillow, nor the way it was stitched.

      you know i am a huge fan of your design and have bought from you often, and would never intentionally promote anything i thought were knocked off. i guess i just love this look and that’s what drew me to it. and, i think of diane keaton as a real artist, through her own photography, and her sense of style, and someone who seems to me to have quite a bit of integrity, so i really do hope these designs were nothing more than her attempt to bring us an affordable, stylish collection.


    • victoria says:

      i’m laying here, trying to go to sleep, but thinking more about this, and feeling crummy that you might be having a bad night about this, or having a hard time in anyway.

      the way i think i feel about this, is that you most definitely helped to create a ‘look’, and a style that was emulated in a lot of places. if your very unique pillow was in fact a first on etsy of this genre, and i have no doubt it was, then i think it became a look that many were inspired to recreate in some way. so, i think you started a trend. so much so, that when i saw this collection i was enamored by the whole look, and one that i’ve tried to create in parts of my own home – even by purchasing your pillows. so in some way, they’ve become so much a familiar design in my day to day life, that i didn’t even consciously notice just the pillow – but more the overall aesthetic, that you helped to create, or at the very least contributed to – that industrial chic look that so many of us love.

      also, because one is handmade, and one manufactured, i don’t think my brain always connects those dots – to me, it’s apples to oranges, and i’d always prefer the handmade version of anything. i like to hope most of us would.

      anyway, i don’t know if this is coming out the right way, but i just mean to say it all as a compliment, and maybe some sort of cold comfort. i know what if feels like to start something and have it become something very mainstream. it is weird, and it can be off-putting, too. anyway, you know i’m a fan. xo

  26. liane says:

    Hey V,
    Aw, I’m sorry if this made you feel uncomfortable in any way! That was not my intention. I am also a huge fan of yours and my little novella up above was no reflection on you or my feelings toward you!
    I’ve seen some real obvious and blatant copying out there and the internet does make it easy to do. It is especially distasteful when it is a large company taking advantage of an independent. This pillow, I admit, is a bit of a grey area in terms of figuring out whether someone did use me as a jumping off point. But knowing what was out there when I started and seeing similarity of details between this bb&b pillow and my own I just have a feeling someone used me at some point.
    That said, I meant it when I said I have moved on, creatively speaking, anyway. So I’m not harboring anger just wish it didn’t happen. It’s the principle of the thing.
    But Gosh!! I love you and was just speaking out. No hard feelings toward you in any way. I love ya!!

    • victoria says:

      oh no – no worries, please! i just felt badly that i might have upset you. i’m so looking forward to seeing what’s up your sleeve. i love you and your work, too! xoxo

  27. Darina says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Victoria! I’m loving the bold yet minimalist bedding- this is my favorite look for our bedroom!

  28. Diane Keaton has her on line of fabulous housewares? Wow! Thanks for sharing.

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