girl crush.

hello! it’s wednesday, so that means it’s time for an artsy girl crush from me, the jealous curator! today is a big one. i have loved, and i mean loved, the work of this artist from the moment i saw it.

sigh – american artist alyson fox can do no wrong in my eyes. faceless girls, bears, pigs, and the most bizarre, dream-like situations ever. for example:

yep, i love her work. in fact, i’d eat off of it if i could – oh wait – i can! she has a line of must-have dishes that, well, i must have! ooh, i could throw a girl crush tea party! wanna come?

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  1. I love Alyson Fox, and I haven’t seen her around the blogosphere lately. Thanks for this!

    xo, Anna of [green gable]

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the piggy plate, and the bird stuff, and the red shoes…would make dining so much more fun!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Her drawings are so sweet. I adore her. Thanks for sharing these.

  4. isn’t she fantastic!? sigh… yep, definitely crush-worthy ; )

  5. the letterpress print is one of the prints the lovely alyson collaborated with Little Paper Planes back in 2008…we love this one. Thanks for posting her!

  6. i think that’s how i found her work back in 2009 actually… thank heavens for little paper planes! xx

  7. victoria says:

    i love her, too! thanks for such a beautiful post, d! :)

  8. Lesley says:

    Bizarrely lovely work! I would totally join your girl crush tea party!

  9. Kamila says:

    I love it, and the girls are wearing really cool clothes like the vest…!

  10. Miah says:

    I’d go to the girl crush tea party!

  11. well stay tuned… there may be one coming to a city near you ; )

  12. This is my kind of living room! I love it! Coasters especially Pretty pretty!

  13. giselle says:

    i adore her work. have you seen her recent published book of photographs?!

  14. yes! i just got it! so beautiful : )

  15. Becky! says:

    Oh goodness. I live right near Austin. I may have even ran into her and had no idea. Yep. Girl crush.

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