tuesday’s girl: alyson fox.

yep, it’s a bit more about alyson fox. but this, time it’s about her photographs. you see, the woman is very talented. not in the, “oh, how annoying” way. nope — it’s in the inspiring way. Through a series of chance encounters and word of mouth (no pun intended), The only thread tying this series of women together was a willingness to wear a single shade of red lipstick. artist Alyson Fox created the book a shade of red based on her visits with and photographs of more than 100 women, most of whom had never before had their portrait taken.

A small selection of the photographic series is posted on alyson’s site, and 100 images can be found in the a single shade of red hardback book published by Chronicle Books. To view more work by alyson, please take some time on her site.

8 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: alyson fox.”
  1. Cathy Jean says:

    Awesome. I am going to find me a shade of red lipstick today. I am inspired. Beautiful photos.

  2. silvia says:

    wow, i love these photos, so very candid!

  3. Sam says:

    what an interesting thing to connect such diverse women! Over the years there has been a lot of feminist discourse about lipstick … I think this is an excellent counter argument.

  4. honeydonthink says:

    Absolutely love the book (and the shade) – inspiring! How to be femnist and feminine at the same time.

  5. sécia says:

    Love how “real” the photos are.

    ♥ sécia

  6. Angel Y. says:

    She knows how to make woman look good. Such inspiring photographs with depth and emotion. Thank you for sharing her work with us. I’m now a lifelong fan.

  7. melanie says:

    Alyson Fox is an amazing photographer. She captured her subjects in a way that they speak to me. What a cool book. Think I’ll need to order an least 100 for Christmas gifts.
    Red lipstick is such a classic color for women of all ages.

  8. michel stong says:

    Love this, what a perfect gem of ‘subject matter’, superb post.

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