girl crush.

do you love art? do you love fashion magazines? well then have i got a girl crush for you!

yes. i know. so good, right?! uk based artist inge jacobsen is a huge inspiration for my own art work – embroidery (which i love) on the pages of fashion magazines (which i love). see? there’s absolutely no way to get around this girl crush!

oh, and she doesn’t just dive right into the depths of the magazine – she also embroiders the covers:

– and then of course, there’s the weaving:

ok, that’s it – time to pick up some embroidery thread, scissors, and a vogue! that should keep me busy for two weeks, and then i’ll be back with another girl crush. see you soon! ~ the jealous curator xo

5 Responses to “girl crush.”
  1. Sally Mavin says:

    These are so innovative! Really unique. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wow this art is very unique, very cool. Am I sensing a message about our beauty culture? Or maybe it’s just fun art. Good stuff.

  3. Love it. The fabulous texture of women. Girl crush for sure.

  4. sécia says:

    Super interesting and really creative.

    ♥ sécia

  5. Lauren says:

    oh my gosh! they’re amazing!

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