i spy: working girl.

i’m always inspired by a well-organized and uncluttered work space. fresh white spaces with an industrial feel – very 9 to 5, but with a stylish spin. today, i spy the modern working girl and the spaces that get her creative juices flowing. i have a pinterest board i call ‘working girl’ and i save a lot of inspiration there as well – check it out!

clockwise, l to r: a chunky throw, warms up this cozy office corner, via remodlelista; love this working studio space via design*sponge; colored pencil set from magpie & rye; vintage inspired work space via stylizimo; beautiful and very function desk by shin azuma; vintage soda crates are fun for organizing, from olive manna; stendig big black & white calendar via unica; love the laurette rolling metal filing cabinet.

clockwise, l to r: an amazing re-purposed wood framed chalkboard via produit interieur brut; flashcard art decorates this awesome office, via apartment therapy; oliver gustav’s home, via lotta agaton; wonderful industrial-looking chair from produit interieur brut; stylist Nanna Lagerman’s home office via lotta agaton; weinstein’s work-live space via dwell; beautiful wood work stool from dusty deco’s home via lotta agaton; and some cool office supplies — weathered wire gym basket from olive manna; mini clothespins also from olive manna.

• top image via junk style, via the city sage.

17 Responses to “i spy: working girl.”
  1. Anna says:

    i need to put on a blazer with some killer shoulder pads ASAP and get to work re-vamping my space. productivity never looked so good.

    thanks for posting!

  2. fanfamfun says:

    i love these photos! also, i love a beautiful office and clean desk. which i have. and never ever ever use it. i do all my work sat in the living room with the kids tv shows on, toys everywhere and a kid sat on my lap while the other climbs up my back. i think it is more inspiring ;) x

  3. whorange says:

    oh, honey, i would work so hard in these office space.

  4. Evita says:

    Haaaaaaaay… i spy my studio in those photos! Glad you like it. :)

  5. LL says:

    Love this. Thank you. I have clothespins everywhere. I use them for everything from clipping papers, hanging inspiration or um, OK – stopping myself from eating the WHOLE bag of peanut butter pretzels when “working from home”. Now I see how cool those little utilitarian buggers can look, if put in a cute jar in my office.

  6. Lauren says:

    I can’t imagine how much my productivity would suddenly increase if my workspace looked anything like those pics. How lovely!

  7. Will says:

    Aren’t Olive Manna just brilliant?! I only discovered them this weekend and I’m loving their product assortment already.

  8. patience says:

    perfect images and i sure needed them! my boss is pushing my creativity lately and i wish i had a space like this! although i guess i’m lucky enough to work in a beautiful art gallery!

  9. Nicole says:

    I’m in love with that chunky throw on that chair! Fabulous!


  10. shutUP i am loving these work spaces and feel a surge of inspiration overcoming me!

    thank you gorgeous victoria.


  11. Emma says:

    I love these!!! I think I would be 100% more successful and fabulous if I had one of these offices :)

  12. fiona lynne says:

    This is a funny coincidence as I spent about an hour last night searching for desk ideas for our new apartment. I should have waited a few more hours to spot your post :) I put some of my favourites up on my blog too.
    I love the large wooden tables that look just a teensy bit battered, like they have already had a long and productive life somewhere else.

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