studio morran.

one of my favorite artists is at it again — creating beautiful images to enhance and enchant our walls. camilla engman has created a new studio line – studio morran in honor of her awesome little dog, morran and their adventures among the woodland creatures. i love these latest prints, and in fact ordered all three the moment i saw camilla tweet about them. there’s a new calendar for 2012, too. check out studio morran.

7 Responses to “studio morran.”
  1. Eric Lenhard says:

    Awesome images, reminds me soviet cartoons a bit.

  2. These are sweet. I like the playfulness of them.

  3. Sammy says:

    Thay are so cute ^_^ It’s a nice idea to place them on trees.

  4. Hannah B. says:

    I just love these colors in these paintings! Will definitely have to add the shop to my bookmarks :)

  5. Kyle Hayes says:

    These really are enchanting!

  6. suze says:

    How lovely, and bittersweet, to see these. Studio Morran is such a wonderful tribute.

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