inspired by: freunde von freunden.

as far as i can translate i think freunde von freunden means something like friends of a friend, or something close. anyhow, that’s kind of how i feel about berlin-based blog freunde von freunden — they feel like friends who inspire me endlessly. and i mean endlessly — i linger and look at their site all day long. i get happily stuck there all the time, and it makes me long for a trip to berlin.

i thought i’d share a few of my favorite images from their interviews and home/studio tours with some creative artists and designers who are pretty inspiring as well. if you haven’t already, check out freunde von freunden. oh, and they have a new book out as well, which will be available for shipping to the states in january. some happy new year news, indeed!

14 Responses to “inspired by: freunde von freunden.”
  1. Andrea says:

    Freunde von Freunden simply means a friend of a friend, or rather friends of friends as it is plural.

  2. sandra says:

    i’m sitting here waiting for you, fika is ready ;)

  3. steph says:

    Photo 4f… where do people find these chairs???

  4. Cathy Jean says:

    Wow. That hanging light over the island in the kitchen in the last photo. Really cool.

  5. Kamila says:

    I never know what inspire me most the interiors or the people at FVF :)

  6. Sierra says:

    Wow, love the pink walls!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Love the little shelf/case for the shoes.

  8. Nikki says:

    I keep thinking about Berlin, too. I’ve had to tear myself away from fvonf a lot since the book sneak and making of went up earlier this week.

  9. I love that entry way. Those cloches are so cool. I can never seem to find any cool ones! Love.


  10. garconniere says:

    wow. really really incredible. i love the white walls with the punch of the bold pink. i can’t count the number of details in this home that really make it overwhelmingly beautiful.

  11. The pink walls, the cabinet of shoes – swoon!

  12. Marcia V. says:

    That cabinet of shoes makes me melt.

  13. kate says:

    hi vic! so funny, i just called up this photo on pinterest and then saw that it came from you. i love that greenish-blueish colored chair. i hope you are well- seems like it! xx kate

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