secrets from a stylist – the holiday guide.

i was most honored and flattered to be ask to contribute to the fabulous emily henderson’s secrets from a stylist holiday guide. emily is awesome, so to be invited to photograph a holiday decor theme for the magazine was over the moon exciting! i put together a sparkling vintage-inspired mantel, and shared some tips on how and where to get the look. check out the entire guide for some excellent gift guides, downloadable diy ideas, and holiday decorating tips from other bloggers, and emily herself – simply click below!

18 Responses to “secrets from a stylist – the holiday guide.”
  1. Julie says:

    Great job! It looks fabulous…I think I’m ready to get my holiday decorating on now! Happy Thanksgiving, dear!

  2. Love it. You did a great job. Now the real question is: Is Emily as cool as she seems on TV? :)

  3. alyssa says:

    These are all such lovely holiday decorations! I love gold & silver as an alternative to the standard red & green!

  4. benson says:

    loved it…one of my favorite reads in the guide.

  5. LOVE this! Real treat for one’s eyes.

  6. Evita says:

    It’s gorgeous! I really love the stag head. Got a thing for them.

  7. Katie says:

    fabulous! great job! love the metallic color palette in the photos.

  8. Stephie says:

    Lovely! Happy Thanksgiving, Stephie x

  9. TieDye64 says:

    Holy schmoly, that looks fantastic! Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. victoria says:

    thanks so much guys, and a very happy thanksgiving to you! :)

  11. This looks fab, I can’t wait to see it and get the glitter out for holiday decorating!

  12. synapse says:

    i’ve been following your site for quite some time (and you got me addicted to pinterest, since i was one of the lucky ones to get an invite from ben, through your site, i suppose) and you always manage to amaze me with the simplest things. your style and your lovely guest bloggers always brighten my days :)
    that said, i couldn’t help but share this post in my blog. i only have a handfull of visitors, so it’s nothing important, but it’s mine and i like pretty things :)

    i hope you dont’ mind – and everything is credited, of course.

    kiss kiss (to you and lucy) :)

    • synapse says:

      ups i forgot i scheduled the post to appear next week… even so, i just wanted to let you know, as a heads up and a thank you for making my days prettier :)

  13. Lauren says:

    that’s amazing, congratulations!

  14. sounds like it was fab… loving the glittery ho ho ho!

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