can you spell color?

the new anthropologie catalog is live online, and it’s got some lovely pops of color. i’m quite smitten with the homegrown monogrammed mugs, and only wish the ‘v’ was a better color for my kitchen. alas, there are worse problems in the world, and i am leaning towards the ‘p’, so maybe i’ll go with ‘p is for picky!’ check out the rest of their colorful alphabet here.

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  1. Rowena says:

    These are lovely and would make great stocking stuffers! Unfortunately the “r” is in brown which is so not my color.

    • rachael says:

      i agree about the “r” mug! not enough pop for me i love every other colour!

    • Gail says:

      Pick the color you like and make the letter stand for something else other than your name. For instance, my name starts with a ‘g’. But, I like the yellow cup which has an ‘h’. So, I make ‘h’ stand for happy. It’s lame, but it works! ;-)

  2. Oh I got mine!!!
    I just love that the A was a good color combo, YAY!!!
    But I agree, I would have bought a ton of these for gifts but the other color combos aren’t so pleasing to many peoples kitchens

  3. Those are so pretty- We’re about to embark on a project making some personalized mugs of our own here- I just bought plain white but these patterns are so joyful.

  4. BreAnne says:

    I think I would like one in every letter! That would make such a cool set! It would definitely benefit my daily coffee cravings!

  5. Yay, I can spell lots of words & colors with my A H I J K M N P S mugs! love them and use them almost every day!

  6. I bought these for Mother’s Day this past spring. I also picked up some of their seed bomb bags to go inside the mug. Great gift for anyone!

  7. Lana says:

    So pretty! I could do with a few of these for sure!

  8. How lovely! I think I will have to get one for every christian name of my immediate family for Christmas, and maybe middle names, the pet cat’s name…..

  9. Jenny says:

    I know – I started to choose some too, but couldn’t – where to stop!

  10. Naomi Bulger says:

    Anthropologie, I die. Looking back on my life in New York, I suspect I would have been a lot wealthier if there was no Anthropologie store in town (but then, my apartment wouldn’t have been nearly as pretty).

  11. lol, i have the ‘v’ mug! i too wished there was a different color pattern…and the handle broke off pretty easily :/

  12. Elisa says:

    Those are simply adorable! Worth changing one’s initials over ;-)

    The K is my favorite, but alas, in our family we’d only need the E and a few S ones… which are just not as pretty.

  13. I saw these in the London store and I love them! Unfortunately the H is in yellow- not my colour at all! How amazing would it be to have the whole set, or to buy enough to spell out your name?!

  14. I love them! They are so shabby chic chic is just my style! I can’t wait to go browse!


  15. jenn says:

    I bought the j for me using a bday giftcard and I was excited at how cute it looked when I took it out of the box. However, when I washed it (my dishwasher is broke) I saw that it was made in china :( Also, the handle isn’t the best for holding that super hot cup of coffee or tea. Regardless of those downsides, I still use it frequently since I don’t have that many mugs.

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