fab friday.

never been one for red & green christmas decorations (i’ve always wondered where that traditional came from anyway), i just felt like a little bit of pink today, and some sparkle thrown in for good measure. this fab friday is pretty in pink.

natalie wood’s pink book via the selby; caitlin holcomb’s be my baby glitter fringe banner (via poppytalk);
confetti system cantelope pink pinata; serena & lily pink polka-dotted bed sheets; Marjon Hoogervorst photographs a happy bedroom; and poketo’s Perpetual Planet Planner.

6 Responses to “fab friday.”
  1. larissa says:

    Oh Thank you for putting Serena and lily on here! I never heard of them I love the bedding!

  2. Fun stuff, inspiring as always!

  3. Amanda says:

    I must be in a pink mood too today!! Just put out a pink vintage inspired holiday greeting on my blog. Love all this pink :)

  4. thank you so much for thinking of my Be My Baby banner in this very pretty post! i too tend toward softer colors during christmas! no need for darker colors in such dark days, all you need are a few simple christmas lights to warm it up!
    hope you’re having happy holidays and thanks again, victoria!

  5. nicole says:

    fab indeed! i’ve been coveting that exact Confetti System pinata for our future baby room so badly!! actually, i literally would love to keep every single item on this list. i am a lover of pink of course, so i may be a wee bit biased. but seriously, what girl could pass up a set of pink polka dot sheets?

  6. Melanie says:

    I really want the Pink book and the polka-dotted sheets! But no…I had to spend my $ on buying white clothes for the Winter Wonderland party. :)

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