tuesday’s girl: slouchy style.

if i had my way, i’d wear jeans and slouchy stuff most of the time. i’m just that kind of girl. or, i’d wear tights and tunics ‘cuz i’m that girl too. i’ve never been one for super high heels, and tight fitting, clingy stuff – it’s just not me. even when i’m fancy, i’m still a little bit slouchy. here’s a look at what i’d like to be wearing this year. so…am i lazy? lacking the exhibitionist gene? or is this just plain comfy and cute? i can’t really decide…

even my hair and accessories are rather downplayed. i tend to wear it long and straight, or up in a mess of an updo. i wear nerdy glasses like these from warby parker and love slouchy foldover clutches, like this hot pink one from need supply.

love this maxi skirt all dressed down by kris atomic for london fashion week.

via the shiny squirrel; and stockholm street style; and below, slouchy sweater look via the glitter guide; alexa chung top with baggy jeans from madewell; love atlantic-pacific’s polka-dots with jeans.

• top image CarolinesMode at Stockholm Fashionweek, via fashionista.

7 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: slouchy style.”
  1. Christine S. Villalta says:

    Those are all good ones! Missed you!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m loving this. This probably my favorite go-to, everyday look. And I love to glitz it up with a cute headband or chunky necklace. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oh, me too! I’ve always said my fashion sense can be summed up in 3 words:

  4. or http://www.psslo.com
    If and when you get old, you are me! I still love slouchy, comfy tunics and legging – boots – all with an edge and a swagger! The Stockholm gal rocks – fun stuff!
    Love to read your blog – I am a vintage – Literallly, SF girl!
    Thanks for all your fun posts

  5. megan says:

    just the word “slouchy” makes me happy, love the collection you put together, proof that slouchy doesn’t have to mean messy or frumpy.

  6. marni says:

    great looks, comfortable is cute!!!

  7. Alexis Grace says:

    LOVE the first look—- totally something I would go for!

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