in my dreams, i live here: london town.

there’s no doubt about it, i love me a bit of london. my grandmother lucy was from leicester, england, and i think much of her has rubbed off on me. i love the charm, and the friendly faces, i love the pastel-colored row houses on notting hill’s cobblestone streets. the merry shops, and having high tea. i love the 60’s brit-pop and i love all the history. all of jolly old england fills me with glee. so this week, in my dreams, i live here — in london town. i think the house cat got to the pretty pink sofa, but it’s no less charming, right? a bit scruffy, just like london, but all the better for it.

my london townhome is bound to be a bit quirky, kitchen included. i think a bright pink wall will suit it splendidly, above via fashions designers at home.

the kitchen may well require a striped smeg refrigerator for a bit of modern pop, and perhaps a print of mary quant’s Quant by Quant book via amazon. of course there will be pretty vintage china, via nest pretty things. and how about a fab pink union jack gracing one of my kitchen walls (below).

i think i’ll have loads of fresh white paint and a smashing bit of modern pop adorning the dining room walls, and a pretty staircase too, via marie claire maison. and the living room will be an elegant and eclectic mix of old and new like this one from Eklund Stockholm New York.

the bedroom will be bright and cheerful, and i’ll stash my bicycle for flea market runs in there, just because it looks pretty cute, via stella nicolaisen. and a cozy throw or two will keep me warm on those winterly london nights, from ohleander.

i’m quite certain a black & white checkered bath is needed, via stadshem; along with these funky antique rose bath towels from cath kidston for a bit of feminine fun. and in honor of the queen (and me!) i’ll hang a Vintage london bus sign, from signarama.

i also plan on popping around town in some silver go-go boots, like linda rodin’s via refinery29. if you know where to find these, by the way, do tell! right then, pip, pip…cheerio.

• top photo by carolina romare.

24 Responses to “in my dreams, i live here: london town.”
  1. eleanor says:

    I love everything about this decor. White is perfection, to me, anyway. The pops of pink are done tastefully and in balance. :)

  2. oh it sounds lovely and I love all of your choices
    That Union Jack wall is AMAZING!!!
    But its all that pink that pulls me in ;)

  3. Great pics, I’d love to live in THAT London too – and I do live in London ;-) xo

  4. nicole says:

    spot on with your pics! oh so very London. i raced to add that first settee photo to my blog when i stumbled upon it earlier this week. all of the pinks are so perfectly composed. i love when you do this!! oxo

  5. my hyggelig says:

    those shoes are very similar to this:
    please do tell us everyone where these can be found!

  6. If you manage to do it like these houses in the photos, then no doubt will be really amazing!!

    (New blog needing some love and support:

  7. Jill says:

    Love your blog! Amazing photos!
    – Jill xo

  8. Jules says:

    That bright pink kitchen is RADICAL! I love it!

  9. Sydney says:

    Oh all of these images just make me happy, but that smeg refrigerator takes the cake!


  10. Wayne says:

    I love your London posts! Maybe you should make the trip as our official Olympics correspondent, from your Liberty HQ!

  11. notsurebut says:

    Love this! now if you could just tell me where I get anywhere between 1 and 3 million GBP it would cost, depending on which area of London you’d like to be in I’d be very happy………..; )

  12. annie says:

    I love London in pink…actually I love your beautiful blog…just found you from West Elm!

  13. I love the pink wall and vintage china.

  14. I LOVE black & white checkered bathrooms! My big sister used to have one & I thought it was the coolest!

    Cheers, Savannah

  15. Adore the splashes of pink.

  16. Jessa says:

    The boots are very cool, but probably very expensive! With some cheap thrift shop boots (or boots you already have) and some metallic spraypaint, you can make them yourself! I saw this done at Housewife Eclectic a few months back:
    Have fun!

  17. Kay Streit says:

    Excellent selections as always. The boots resemble Giuseppe Zanotti at Net-a-porter.

  18. Gillian says:

    Judging by the first pic you live here and have a CAT. Lucy will have someone new to play with! *more furniture destruction ensues*

  19. I love all of this! I am English though and love London too. Love all of the pink.

  20. Ruth Singer says:

    Well, if you ever want to rediscover your Leicester roots then I’ll happily show you around. I’m sure the city has changed a lot since your grandmother’s days, but there are some real gems here too, and a small but vibrant artist community doing great things. And even some beautiful houses like your London dream home :)

  21. oh pink. (sigh) I love that living room and it makes me long for a great big, swell-smelling vase of peonies too.

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