in my dreams, i live here: hollywood hills.

i grew up in los angeles, and lived there most of my life until coming to san francisco sixteen years ago. so, i’d say i’ve got l.a. in my blood. i know the streets of the valley like the back of my hand, and spent many a rebellious and youthful night trolling the streets of hollywood, not sure looking for what, but enamored with it’s tarnished glamour. i love a good bit of los angeles film noir and fantasize about living in a neutra or lautner home high in the hollywood hills, my view of the sprawling city layed out before me, filtered by a slightly smoggy sunset. this is los angeles, and sometimes, in my dreams i live here again.

i think i’m gonna go high-powered, ultra cool and stylish in the living room like this one from richard powers photography. a mid-century modern flagstone fireplace would be awfully swell, too, even if it is too warm out to ever light the pretty thing.

morgan of the brick house has the epitome of l.a. cool going on in her kitchen and dining room, so i’m gonna go for this look. i find los angeles to be this unusual dichotomy of cheesy spots like the big donut and then it’s all stylish and vintage-modern, like a Butterfly Chair, via moma and morgan’s rad kitchen (below).

i’ll probably dress like this (because this is a fantasy, afterall); and have a view of the hollywood hills, via lonny, which i’ll take slightly for granted and scarcely appreciate as much as i should. i’ll have great mid-century fixtures and eames chairs scattered about carelessly; and some skateboard art called fringe by ryan kapp, via the beholder.

i think i’ll go with a sleek and modern bedroom, via lonny and maybe have a vanity that’s a little bit old-hollywood for those nights i need to glam it up and hit the l.a. scene, because that’s how i’ll roll.

• top image via the life of an architect.

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  1. Great post! I share your dream of living in the Hollywood Hills. I LOVE THE BEDROOM! I have always wanted one of those dressing tables, but we don’t have room for it.
    Savannah Marie

  2. Lovely post! I’ve been dreaming of moving to L.A. lately. Those prints above the bed are great! Along with everything else.

  3. patricia says:

    next time you are in the palm springs area (desert hot springs)
    check out the lautner hotel…..the light is amazing.
    and, much cheaper than buying one of his houses.

  4. Barbara says:

    Bravo! I agree wholeheartedly. What car do you drive up and down the Cnyns? I see it a powder blue convertible … Thanks for the travel to the place where I live in my dreams too – maybe we’d be neighbors! ;)

  5. me too. in my dream i’m in the hills

  6. Anath says:

    As a happy transplant from Colorado to Los Angeles, it’s so refreshing to find an SF girl who loves L.A., rather than dissing it like I too often hear northern Californians do. Obviously, as a native, you have a different and more informed take. But I truly find the northern/southern divide tedious and quite enervating. Enough already: BOTH are wonderful in their many distinct ways, as are their citizens.

  7. Fun to read about your childhood in LA. Mine was spent running through open fields in the Cotswolds. Variety in the spice of life, right?

  8. Amy Dowell says:

    I was just talking to my husband about moving to l.a. some day. Love the post. thnx!

  9. Lujac says:

    Great post!!! LA has a nostalgia that is inescapable and incredibly seducing ;)

  10. you’ve made my LA heart skip a beat! my dream home would be the stahl house…and i’d put that gorgeous vanity table at the end in there.

  11. sécia says:

    I love my palm springs inspired fireplace but have YET to light it! Los Angeles is pretty captivating in it’s own way.

    ♥ sécia

    P.S. I got my tickets for the various adventures for Modernism Week in the springs. Thank you again for posting about it… I would have been completely oblivious otherwise. ;)

  12. ClaraAnne says:

    And what a gorgeous life it will be too.. LA is actually very foreign to me. Sure I’ve taken a drive round Hollywood once but that’s the end of my acquaintance. I love the way you’ve written this piece, it makes me think that a future trip is in order.

  13. Margarita says:

    Can I live in one of this houses too please?? There are some very nice houses where I am form back in Spain, in the Canaries islands, I took some nice photos:

    I enquired the prices but of course they are way above my budget…so I will keep dreaming.

  14. rachael says:

    ugh, beautiful. when i looked at these pictures i was definitely whisked away to the the 60s!

  15. Betina Luna says:

    A place that is no fail as gorgeous as ever! Classically beautiful!

  16. bixx says:

    am also in bay area and visit l.a. time to time; have eventually come to separate the crap from the setting. there’s just something about it down there. and it’d have to be a neutra.

  17. You’re really a pure blooded LA gal. I can sense in your taste. I also love the sun.

  18. BRICKHOUSE says:

    Thanks Victoria! Come to LA, or at least Palm Springs.

    I’m totally redoing my kitchen, ugh. People are going to murder me.

  19. nicole says:

    keep ’em coming Victoria. we all need a little fantasy in our real lives. oxo

  20. Susie says:

    Love this post. My sister lives in LA and I just got back having spent a fun new years there and this echoes exactly what I like about the place, the architecture, the fab stores of everykind which inspire me with so many concepts and ideas to bring home. I love the energy and fushion there… having said that I live in Tuscany, that’s not bad either, a complete contrast… except we’re snowed in right now and have no idea how to deal with this weather.

  21. FB Apps says:

    Awesome, but how could you take snap of your dreams :p

  22. Dog Walker says:

    Get me to LA! great post

  23. Kelly says:

    Very inspirational! I’m a native of L.A. county,and also used to troll pointessly around Hollywood on a weekend night. I now live about 90 miles away in the Inland Empire but dream of returning to civilization proper again someday….although I prefer Pasadena over the westside.

  24. michel stong says:

    I love you “In my dreams'” posts, but I sincerely miss “Separated by Birth”, are those truly posts of the past? This one was a beauty.

  25. Wow… Richard Powers interior photography is inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

    ps. there is a Neutra house down the street from me that I can’t help but drive real slow by all the time.

  26. Cathy Jean says:

    We probably ran into each other on the Strip back in the day! I would fly down a lot with girlfriends when we were under 20 years of age. I think a ticket cost 12 dollars from Oakland. I know Los Angeles well and have a love/hate relationship with it, which means I love it . I love it for it’s rich architecture and history, and hate it, because it can drive you nuts!.. It is a magical place for sure. I met many many people back in the day. My favorite was meeting the young man who put a rose on Marilyn’s tomb everyday for Mr. DiMaggio, and also meeting the family with a library so huge and impressive because it housed all the episodes of the Big Valley in writing because it was the house of the Novelist.

  27. beautiful post! Have to daydream – and what a lovely daydream it is!

  28. Tallin says:

    A Lautner would be my dream home too! Lucky for you there’s one in the hollywood hills for sale right now!

  29. Watson says:

    I live in new jersey and I’m trying to form a band because I love music (rock). Hopefully if I make it big with my band I’ll be high in the hills :)

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