i saw this photograph of magazine editor magazine Darcy Miller Nussbaum’s dining room nook in architectural digest, and was quite taken with this gallery arrangement of family photographs — not to mention that is one stunning light fixture! what i think i really like, is the juxtiposition of the very fancy chandelier with that of the simple box frames. it creates such an interesting and unexpected contrast. i like that. i even covet it.

• bottom images: frames via country living; chandelier via this is glamorous.

4 Responses to “covet.”
  1. that light fixture is unbelievable. i covet that big time! very lovely space.

  2. Alexandra says:

    Gorgeous!!! I’m with you! The spherical chandelier, banquette, and photo wall are screaming my name.

  3. I really like the photos arrangement and the fact that the frames are all different with each other! Great combination!

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