in my dreams, i live here: paris.

well, you probably knew it was coming sooner or later. i mean, just about everyone wants to live in paris at least once in their life, n’est–ce pas? some people with real gumption, like jordan ferney of oh happy day and her sister gabrielle blair of design mom, actually did it — they packed up their families’ belongings and moved to france for a year! so today, in my dreams, i live in paris! i think of this as Amélie’s paris. bright, happy, and oh so carefree.

i imagine my living room will be like erin fetherston’s apartment and will have high ceilings and a weathered old fireplace mantel, and it will be quite eclectic, displaying many treasures from my world travels. because you know, when you’re living in paris, you just hop on a train to just about anywhere, and you’re very cosmopolitan, much like the swan house, as photographed by petra bindel.

i’ll no doubt have a tres jolie little bedroom like this one from lonny, with lots of beside reading, like the seven faces of love to inspire my romantic adventures, from paris hotel boutique and this sweet idea for a book by artist jacqui lee, les quatre cents coups. i like the idea of stacking them on a bentwood chair, like this one in family living magazine, via emma’s design blogg; and, oh ouí, i plan on eating lots of pretty macarons in bed completely guilt free, via tina danut.

naturally, like a good parisian, i will ride my bicycle everywhere around the city, especially to pick up my morning crossiant and fresh fruit. this vintage turquoise one will do nicely, from pony_tail; i’ll bring back my breakfast goodies to enjoy in my little breakfast nook before i begin my day, perhaps leisurely perusing an old issue of holiday magazine, via kate spade. vive la france!

• top photo via artistlanas.

36 Responses to “in my dreams, i live here: paris.”
  1. Susan says:

    Well, it does help to have major connections there, you know. Some ppl do have it “easier” in that regard. But it is possible. Yep. Don’t forget about apt/house trading. It happens & esp. from city to city. (Go!)

  2. Sydney says:

    I often dream of Paris….beautiful images!


  3. TieDye64 says:

    Ahhhhh, so beautiful. I’ll be dreaming right along with you.

  4. Kait says:

    Beautiful collection of images. Its always been a long desired dream to live in Paris, those fabulous ladies made it a reality. Give us all some hope, doesn’t it! xo

  5. Love that black fireplace with the candlesticks in front of it. I could never do this with our dog unfortunately – too curious! Don’t we all dream of living in Paris for just a while??

  6. Jill says:

    Beautiful post! Love the pictures. Very dreamy. Would love to live in Paris but for now I’ll just have to be a tourist.

  7. steph says:

    mais oui

  8. Beatrice says:

    Paris est l’amour. I visited Paris and fell in love. How amazing that some get to live their dreams and actually live there. Gorgeous pictures.

  9. Oh absolutely! Visiting Paris is one of my most treasured memories, so beautiful!

  10. kurt says:

    just last night i was watching rick steves europe he was in paris. and i was mooning about our time there. and now you! ah, rue cler and place des vosges. my favorite place was the picasso museum in the marais.

  11. Molly says:

    In my dreams I’m living in Brazil. But I would take Paris in a heartbeat, too. ;)

  12. lesley says:

    lovely, lovely! it seems we share the same dream…


  13. Mariela says:

    In my dreams too : ) , I love Paris those pictures are beautiful.

  14. well, NOWWW i want to go! beautiful post!

  15. Will says:

    Having just returned from a quick trip there I couldn’t agree more! You should do it, V!

  16. I spent a week in SF this summer, and I have a VERY difficult time imagining swapping your fair city for another…but Paris? Umm… I am afraid so. Oh how I love the city of lights. Once you visit, Paris it is with you for a lifetime, no?

    The first pic (balloons) is so sweet. *sigh*

  17. jo says:

    oh, to be able to pack up and live in paris for a year! if i did it, i have a feeling i’d wake up in my lovely paris apartment some morning at 89 years of age and think (in french, of course), “hmmm, i remember when i had the idea of spending a year in paris!” :)

  18. rachael says:

    that bike looks awesome. once the snows gone, im TOTALLY jazzin up my bike!

  19. christine says:

    oh my word….I’m dreaming of Paris now. I love that city. Living in London I go there all the time..but its been far too long now since my last visit!

  20. stacy woods says:

    So beautiful!!! You have single handedly made me adore+appreciate pink for which myself and my preschool students are grateful. Thanks a bundle.

  21. Beautiful. I just wrote about Paris–and used that same first photo–on

    Rationally, I understand that Paris isn’t perfect, but in my memories it’s all parks and pastries and sweet-faced babies. What is that all about? :)

  22. Paris is amazing. I am going next week and I am super excited! I’m so lucky to live only a few hours away.

    Love all of the images in this post, just gorgeous!

  23. in my dreams i’m living in new york city. but i love it when you dream about how you would live elsewhere :-) great pictures you selected. have a lovely day, xo, helene

  24. I love to go paris, next year i am getting married than i will go Eiffel Tower with my wife on valentines day.

  25. ileana says:

    Very cool post. I love your Paris apartment and especially your bike with the turquoise panniers. Can’t wait to see where you will move next.

  26. I’m coming to visit!!! Amazing…..

  27. I scoured the entire Lonny mag linked here looking for more photos of the bedroom with the black/blue ikat style headboard, but I couldn’t find it! I need to fully ogle that bedroom please.

  28. Cathy Jean says:

    That shade of rose on the settee is really cool. So is the stack of pillows. I want to dream of Paris. Thanks for the ride and all the cool blogs. I like the Ikat headboard with the floral sheets. It’s a good mix of mix and match!

  29. Anna says:

    lovely photos! I am going to Paris for the first time in April and these make me so excited to go. I can’t wait to wonder the beautiful city and have lots of macaroons :)

  30. nicole says:

    ohhhhh how i’ve been waiting for this one! and needless to say, i am not disappointed. “Paris is always a good idea.” -Audrey Hepburn oxo

  31. Meg says:

    Come on over! Paris is waiting for you!

  32. jenny says:

    So pretty, light and energising. I have to bookmark this post and try to inject some Paris into my space. In the meantime… how about an Inspired by Paris semi-regular feature?

  33. I wish I had the gumption!
    Everytime my husband and I talk vacation, I say, ‘let’s go to paris’
    It has worked three times so far!!!!!
    Oh to live there!!!!

  34. Karena says:

    Beautiful images to excite us even more on our journey!!

    This is so much fun!!

    Anita’s Parisian Party
    Art by Karena

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