go bold, or go home.

today, i’m feeling bold. it’s a new week, lots to see, lots more to get done. we might as well start our monday out with a pop of hot pink and a stroke of black. it kinda gets the blood going, right? i’m jumping right in to a happy pool of pink! happy monday!

the dickinson’s home tour via apartment therapy (above and below) features this amazing dining table with pink legs; pretty roses via salis photography and styling studios.

completely amazing bedroom styled and photographed by stil inspiration. now that is bold!

one very lovely modern living room, via morten holtum; bold bedroom, via martha stewart; and i really, really want this painting by artist christina b studio (thank goodness there’s also a print).

now, this is one majorly bold kitchen. talk about your morning eye-opener — not sure if i could do it, but it’s fab nonetheless, via boleget.

bold pillows pop in this stark room, via boleget; a very hot pink staircase, via morten holtum; and a whole different kind of pink leg — kate spade’s mod dot tights help you get in the mood!

love the pop of pink hallway off that stark black floor, via Milk magazine, photographed by Louise Desosiers.

black and fuschia and white all over, via boleget; swarm studios chair with one pink leg for anthropologie.

• top image christopher wool, via art river.

27 Responses to “go bold, or go home.”
  1. Anna @ D16 says:


    Sometimes I like to pretend that you’re just writing this blog for my benefit. :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Woohoo! Loving all the brights! The chair with the one pink leg is adorable.

  3. Sara Neely says:

    I love everything about this post! Especially furniture with pink legs! I’m totally inspired to go paint the legs on my table now (and buy that fabulous Anthropologie chair!)

  4. Catherine says:

    I love the dining table with pink legs. So unexpected and perfect!

  5. vicki says:

    love the shots of hot pink! :) so inspiring! xo

  6. Dorylyn says:

    I really love pink! Too cool!

  7. gretchen says:

    If only I had $700 laying around. I’d nab that painting right out from under you!

  8. Thanks for sharing your pool of pink! I love that dining table’s pink legs, the “still inspiration” bedroom and that staircase – all beautiful.

  9. kurt says:

    if i may quote dame diana vreeland – pink is the new navy blue. nuf said!

  10. If only I didn’t live with a boy!!!

  11. Jen says:

    I LOVE pink! I’ll be pinning lots of the pics from this post.

  12. Betina Luna says:

    I love the title of the entry!!!!! I love the colors! Everything looks great

  13. Megan says:

    Oh those pink chair legs are killer. Definitely be bold.

  14. katrina says:

    awesome, awesome. loving all the pops of bright pink i’m seeing lately. and that painting is certainly divine.

  15. Mo says:

    I had a friend many years ago in an old brick building, with high ceilings and 5 panel doors. The small claw foot tub in the bathroom had a weathered vintage look and her tile was the original black & white. She had painted the bottom two thirds of the walls black and the top hot, magenta pink. I will never forget it. Thanks for another beautiful post.

  16. Erica says:

    Oh my, that kitchen is amazing! Black and pink is one of my favorite color combinations and seeing it in such a bold format took my breath away. I had been planning on a red kitchen, but seeing this I may need to reconsider…

  17. Amen to that sister. I can’t get enough of bright bright pink at the moment. I’m liking it with gold (but I hear you about the black).

  18. YAY! I LOVE hot pink / neon pink! If I do one thing to my home this spring it’s to paint something neon, I’m talking sunglasses with my coffee!

  19. Wow…I love every single image! I’m sooo into subtle, but bold pink accents around the home…this gave me some great ideas.

  20. sécia says:

    I’m seriously loving this post. Especially that last chair. Now convincing my husband that a pop of pink would be awesome? Hmm.

    ♥ sécia

  21. I love everything you do but wow does this post make my day! Does having such a lovely innate aesthetic make the world look superlatively more awesome to you in some kind of cosmic way? I’m convinced that it must! :)

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