not for the faint of heart.

the enchanting, colorful world of designer Catalina Estrada is coming to life in her new wallpaper collection from Coordonné. The wallpaper is not for the shy or faint of heart — it’s bold and dynamic and a very playful statement maker. stunning wall murals and wallpaper that will transposrt any blank wall into a ‘take your breath away’ work of art. you can view the entire Catalina Estrada collection here.

29 Responses to “not for the faint of heart.”
  1. Barbara says:

    oh wow, they are wonderful, she’s very brave with some combination, but they fit perfectly, you sad it well, not for shy. like the most that little red riding hood and third photo. lovely

  2. Inês says:

    This is amazing and such a bold statement! I’ve known her beautiful work for Anunciação, a brazilian brand with the most amazing prints, but didn’t know her wallpaper collection. Superb!

  3. Wow, these would be perfect for my imaginary casa in Barcelona! Very cool to see, thank you for sharing.

  4. These wallpapers are literally dream! nice taste!

    (New blog needing some love and support:

  5. Stunning wallpapers…truly a peice of art! I am swooning after that green chair too in the penultimate photo

  6. Such lovely designs!! Wish I had a room with wallpapers like these…!!

  7. Mariela says:

    She is amazing, her work is excellent. Have a nice day!.

  8. christine says:

    wow those colours would wake me up in the morning.

  9. Aya says:

    Could these designs be any more fabulous?! I think not. They would just get your creative juices flowing by simply being in the room!
    ♥ Aya

  10. wow!! Those are amazing!

  11. Absolutely amazing! I’m off to check out more of their products.

  12. Niyati says:

    Strange how I love these, would have loved to have made these designs myself, but can’t imagine living with them! I want white all around me… keeps my mind clear and not constrained. Maybe I should experiment though sometime.

  13. sécia says:

    These are beautiful! I love that wallpaper is making a comeback.

    ♥ sécia

  14. Kim says:

    Any chance you know what the name/designer of the green oval lounge chair is (pic #5)? Thanks!

  15. linda says:

    WOW! Total love – swoon – I want it! I can’t stop staring…

  16. Katie says:

    wow. i just love the mixture of textures and prints and colors in these interiors. so inspiring!

  17. Margarita says:

    Catalina’s work is vibrant and fascinating, her Colombian heritage is present in her colorful creations. Her flat in Barcelona is one of a kind, very difficult to find this properties these day in the capital without paying a fortune.

  18. lou says:

    wow. this is something i can definitely imagine in my new work room. love the bold colors and the design. i’ve never heard of her and i’m blown away by her art. my mouth is wide open

  19. Penny Patten says:

    There is nonthing like a wonderful bold statement in a room. Such fun and lovely ways to create a room.

  20. Now that is a statement. Truly breathtaking colors and patterns! Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. courtney says:

    so gorgeous…and i sort of love that in almost every shot there’s an ikea piece! the stockholm sideboard, the hemnes dresser…i know i’m a dork for knowing the real names but i have a few in my house! anybody else spot that? thanks for sharing, victoria!

  22. Kirsty says:

    These are insanely gorgeous! But there seems to be no way to buy them. I would love to look at that tiger every day. Thank god there are still people that don’t always exercise restraint.

  23. Elsa says:

    Amazing! I love the work of this illustrator.

  24. Barbi says:

    These are all so fabulous!! I showed them to my very creative 7 year old who is as into design as me. she comments: the fairy and riding hood are so cute. i luv them their so so so so so so so so so so so so cccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – maybe if I can find where to purchase in Canada she will have one on her wall. : )

  25. naty says:

    descubrí a catalina el año pasado y no dejo de admirar todo lo que crea, he tratado de que todos mis afectos la conozcan y admiren sus creaciones que son obras de arte, yo estoy fascinada!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jesse says:

    I love love love this post and these designs! I featured it on my blog and linked back to you so my readers could check out your great blog. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jesse says:

      Ah! Hit submit too soon! I was going to say that I want to try putting some of this on a really large canvas, since I may not be up for the task of doing my whole wall but would love to incorporate these bold colors!

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