the jealous curator: art goes here.

hello, and happy wednesday. i have to say, i’m having a ridiculously good time with this new series – why didn’t i think of this ages ago? i can hang as much art as i like, as many times as i like, without even thinking about a budget or a bunch of nail holes! so, on that note, let’s hang some art, shall we?

i found this lovely, sunny little sitting corner in victoria’s i spy: sunshine post. yep, a perfect place for reading, or tweeting, ooh, or pinning {my latest obsession!}. of course, it’s going to need some art if it’s going to be my lovely, sunny little pinning corner, so here is my first pick:

i love, love, love this painting by toronto based artist amanda happé. i just discovered her work a few weeks ago, and i cannot stop thinking about having one of these pieces for my very own. big bold text, brightly-hued paint, an old cardboard box, and a bird, all on wood panel. really, we should all have one!

however, if you’re looking to add a little bling to your art collection, may I interest you in this:

sigh. this insanely beautiful piece is the work of london based artist lydia sheriff. i would love to do a little pinning under the sparkle of this mixed media sculpture!

ok, so we’ve got a big painting, and a diamond-like wall sculpture  – now, what do you say – let’s just cover the entire wall in art!?

arsty wallpaper!!! i could not decide which of these i loved more, so i decided to show them both. you’d certainly get two very different rooms depending on the one you chose. either would make a pretty bold statement in that cozy little corner. you could go the fun, giant paint-by-number pineapple paper by jenny wilkinson, or the bespoke embroidered {yes, i said ‘bespoke embroidered’!} wallpaper by uk based artist kaylee hibbert. gah! i love them both so much – hm, nope, i cannot decide.

i suppose i’ll leave you with my indecision. i’m off to find another room where I can hang some art. last week one of you asked to see a staircase, so i’ll see what i can find in victoria’s archives! stay tuned ~ the jealous curator

25 Responses to “the jealous curator: art goes here.”
  1. I love these ‘art goes here’ posts. To me, affordable art is the hardest thing to find for a home and all the artists you have recommended so far have been fab – thank you!

  2. percentblog says:

    Just yesterday I decided to go with option 3 for a slightly larger similar space I have in my rental apartment. Since it’s a rental, I’m going to starch fabric to the wall instead of using wallpaper but hopefully will get the same look. Now I’m just on the lookout for some fabulous fabric to use!

  3. Mo says:

    I love this series too, so many great ideas. I vote for the sculpture, I’m in for anything shiny. At the same time a large piece of artwork would be awesome too. What is next to the space sitting on the window sill? Is it a candle holder? I’m very curious.

  4. i’m not sure either! i couldn’t figure out if it was part of the window, or a candle holder!
    ps. i love that sculpture too… stunning!

  5. Sandra says:

    Love the pineapple wallpaper with the browns and greens! And love the series. It’s great to see different art/wall treatments but something TOTALLY different to see options as they relate to a specific space.

    I have a master bedroom in need of some art…just sayin’….

  6. honeydonthink says:

    I love the sculpture and went to her portfolio through your link (thanks) and what a diverse portfolio it is! I think this format you’ve been using is fun and would love to see what happens if you use photoshop or appropriate software to show us what the works would look like in the room you’ve selected – it’s one thing to imagine, but I’d love to actually see it:-)

    • i would love to do that too… but it can look awfully bad awfully fast! i’ll give it a shot when it works, how about that for a deal? ; )

      • honeydonthink says:

        Fair enough! The only reason I mention it is that sometimes I think a piece of art would look great in a space when I visulaize it but, when I actually get it and put it in the space it sometimes doesn’t. I do agree with Mary below that your choices are great!

  7. Alexa says:

    That sculpture is incredible. And this series is so helpful when I am looking at my own space.

  8. Mary says:

    This series is the coolest, and I always respect your picks. I kind of disagree with the above comment about photoshopping the artwork in the photo; I like the way you do it. I prefer to visualize, and you’re right about how it can look very bad a lot of the time.

  9. sécia says:

    Call me crazy but I love it just the way it is! Maybe a tiny painting hung up high. :)

    ♥ sécia

  10. jane says:

    may I just have the chair please…

  11. Sarolta says:

    I love the sculpture. I’m just looking for one for my gray living room wall.

  12. There is another option: two to four small drawings. They would fill up about the same space as the large painting.

  13. This is such a fabulous series. I’m so inspired! I also love that chair!

  14. Madilla says:

    I would go for the painting! Lovely colors!

  15. What a wicked series.
    I’ve got alot of love for the amanda happe painting
    x kat

  16. I love the concept of your post (art goes here) for it’s so stylish and cute. I like the wall sculpture very stylish. But if ever you decide to choose the artsy wallpaper, I will choose the bespoke embroidered for gray looks better in pink. Great blog!

  17. Alison says:

    That Growth sculpture is BEYOND AMAZING. And now I must have it for my house. Which with my budget means I must find out a way to make something similar. But I love how hers sparkles so! THanks for all the great ideas!

  18. I love them all, but my favourite is the wall sculpture – so shiny! :)

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