b is for bonnie.

and ‘b is also for beautiful’. as you may have seen on my post, los angeles-based photographer bonnie tsang was my houseguest this past weekend, and a wonderful one at that. while i took a nap (what kind of hostess am i, anyway!?) bonnie snapped away at my home, with miss lucy by her side. i’m really excited to see the other photographs she took, but i thought i’d share a sneak peek. i love both the dining room shot with lucy, and the more moody polaroids. thanks, bonnie!

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  1. I love how effervescent your pink-ish walls are!! Such a beautiful space.

  2. Bonnie, like Bonnie Tyler? Like ” I need a hero?” Ok i am joking!! :D
    This dog is so fluffy, that i want to hug until the end of the world!

    (New blog needing some love: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com)

  3. I adore your dining area!
    I love the mix of vintage and mod day style, super!!!

  4. Fresh + balanced; so beautiful! What an inspiring space and great escape! Thanks for sharing – dreamy shots!!
    xo – Emily

  5. sooki says:

    love B’s work and love your dining room! that lighting fixture is amazing!

  6. Rikki says:

    I love your light fixture and…well…everything else! Such a fresh and airy space, love it.

  7. Martha Rose says:

    what color of paint is that?! I want… no NEED it for my bedroom! Thanks for always being inspirational!

  8. victoria says:

    thanks! it’s benjamin moore’s “wispy pink”. i love it.

  9. nicole says:

    the two of you are amazing, and the the two of you together are utterly out of this word, and the two of you plus Lucy = a dream come true! Bonnie’s moody Polaroids of your home are to die for woman!!! oxo

  10. ally says:

    it’s so nice to see your light and airy apartment, but those moody polaroids have so much more emotion. either way it looks oh so lovely.

  11. Stunning photos – loving those polaroids.

  12. Fantastic photos! I love the lamp, really original,
    where can i get one of those?

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