a visit with chronicle.

i dropped into chronicle books last week for a fun little meet and greet. located in a beautifully renovated old brick building complete with solar-power, it’s a wonderful work space they have created here in san francisco. it’s the ideal spot to brainstorm, create, and develop the plethora of art and design books in their independent publishing roster. thanks for the tour and all the inspiration! we even saw a sneak peek of Nichole Robertson’s much awaited book, paris in color, and i can tell you — it’s a beauty! here’s a few more of my favorite books from chronicle.

Typography Sketchbooks and Stylists/New Fashion Visionaries

tartine bread and decorate

paris in color

Chicken and Egg/A Memoir of Suburban Homesteading and the history of surfing

15 Responses to “a visit with chronicle.”
  1. So many good reads! I need to get that Stylist book, and Paris in Color on my coffee table soon!


  2. Do I smell a book deal ;)

  3. Veronica says:

    Wow it looks like an amazing building. What neighborhood are they in? I looked at the architects’ website too, they’ve done some really impressive projects.

  4. Laura Lee says:

    Thanks for coming by and for the wonderful post!! It was fun talking with you and showing you around.

  5. Ooh, I hope this means what I think it means ;)
    Love Chronicle Books and their workspace looks + sounds just as great as I imagined it would!

  6. ally says:

    i love chronicle books and everything they make! how exciting and inspiring to go there!

  7. beautiful building, so loving the brick and high ceilings!
    x kat

  8. tere says:

    Such an exciting tour!! wonder what can come out of it….

  9. Karen Toms says:

    What a great selection – I want them all! I already have my eye on Paris in Color as I’ve got two visits to Paris planned this year – Tartine Bread looks like it could be a great accompaniment.

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