lookie here…my instagram gallery.

you’ve probably heard about it. or seen it. a fun little app called instagram. maybe you already follow me. and now it’s available on android too! anyhow, i’m addicted, so i’m adding a little instagram gallery to the blog so you can follow along should you be so inclined. now you check out what i’m doing when i’m not blogging.

just over there on the inner right column you’ll see my latest instagram. this will update every darn time i take a new one. nifty, huh? if you have the app, you can follow me on instagram as sfgirlbybay, and you can comment or ask me questions about what the heck i’m up to. or, just click on the link below the image and it will take you to the instagram gallery here on the blog. click on any image in the gallery and it will enlarge. there you go. just when you thought there wasn’t enough of my nonsense to go around.

6 Responses to “lookie here…my instagram gallery.”
  1. Oh that’s so cool… yet another reason for me to switch over to WP! LOVE following you on Instagram, btw! Your photos are so inspiring! :)

  2. Gabrielle says:

    I’m a BIG fan of instagram even though I only just learnt that you can follow people on it! And I am indeed following you, you can find me as thegreengables, if you’re curious :)

  3. Now that you have informed me that Instagram is on Android, I will have even more reasons to not get work done. Looking forward to,playing with it!

  4. memtree says:

    i love instagram too! you can find me @memtree

  5. Roberta says:

    I love all your pics! I love your blog! Thank you for reaching out to the Android users on Instagram! I appreciate that!

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