hello everyone! it’s danielle from the jealous curator, back again to hang a little bit of art. so, i’m about to move into a new home, and my plan is to paint the bedroom a warm grey, so you better believe i repinned this image the second i found it {via bolig magazine}:

ooh, i ♥ this bedroom {featured on the blog of danish stylist camille tange} – but of course, i’m gonna have to put some art on that gorgeous warm grey wall. here is what i’d love to do:

oh my word. seriously, i love this light piece, by american artist steve lambert, so so much! i have to have this in my new boudoir – maybe on a dimmer so that it could double as a night-light! oh, and speaking of light, how about a little sunshine painted on the wall:

yes, these are paintings?! new york based artist mary temple paints these full-room murals, recreating the look of sunshine streaming through the trees and into your home. and now, what’s a bedroom without a few gentlemen callers:

not that kind of gentleman caller – i’m a married woman! i was thinking more along the lines of a little cluster of suit-clad, faceless portraits by french artist carole bremaud. so handsome, and absolutely perfect for this grey wall! so, there you have it. another week, and another room covered in art! see you in two weeks with more ~ the jealous curator xo

  1. Those are such amazing portraits! I’d probably have nightmares having those next to my bed, but then again I scare easily

  2. ha! well yes… maybe a little scary ; )

  3. sue says:

    ABSOLUTELY awesome post… i love all three options and i’m checking out those lights right now! thank you!

  4. Carol Gary says:

    Love, Love, Love the Mary Temple pieces!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Well can I just say…. jealous!!

  6. Ashley says:

    Any ideas as to what paint color that is? Gorgeous!

  7. Melanie says:

    Love love love the light piece!

  8. patience says:

    this is one of my favourite posts ever danielle! i wish i had more empty walls but to make myself feel better i move things around. it’s sad because when i fall in love with a new piece of art, only about 15% of me pauses at the prices – 75% of mind is wondering where heck i can put it!

    lucky you having new spaces and new walls! and i love the idea of grey – i’ve actually thought that grey would be a great colour for gallery walls whenever we move out this whole white cube era…

  9. Marina says:

    WAW. Just WAW. Love all your art suggestions but the sunshine streaming murals are simply perfect.

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