i recently posted about a vintage pan am travel poster via condé nast. well, reader shellie loved her so much, she was inspired to make her very own pillow from this image. shellie makes pillows and home decor for her etsy shop, pillow happy, and she really captured this image perfectly. bravo, shellie and thank you so much for sharing!

6 Responses to “MAKE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL.”
  1. Heather Jean says:

    This is sooo cute and done so well!
    -Heather Jean

  2. Lovely pillow! What a great example of how an artist can be inspired by vintage design but not copy it. Shellie is super talented…thanks for sharing Victoria.
    -random nicole

  3. Sydney says:

    Amazing, I think I need one perched on my sofa!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. This pillow rocks! Did I show you this inspiration board I made, inspired by a Lauren Moffat Spring 2012 dress? Inspiration is everywhere, we just need to open our eyes!

  5. shellie says:

    thanks all! and thank you victoria. quite an honor i will say! i really wanted to share this, because i’m sure i represent all your followers in that we are all SO inspired by your entire blog! it brings me joy, and i always look forward to each and every entry!

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