the shutterbugs: stellan herner.

this image by photographer stellan herner has to be one of the prettiest i’ve seen in some time. maybe it’s the unique styling of that whimsical wallpaper (or maybe it’s a paper cutout?) and the color and shape of the chartreuse sofa. it just seems quite magical and almost storybook-like to me. i had to go look and see what else he has shot — no surprise, all of it pretty. for more of his beautiful captures of swedish lifestyle and interiors, visit stellan’s portfolio.

• all images via skarp agent by stellan herner.

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  1. OH MY!!
    I am in love with that couch and wallpaper!!!
    Wonderful images, thanks for inspiring me :)

  2. Cariann says:


  3. Susan Hazel says:

    My, my these are some particularly pretty images. I agree that the first one is very special. But I was personally most inspired with the kitchen shot with all of the clear glass pieces on the white shelves. I must recreate this.

  4. What gorgeous photos and interiors! Love all of the colours and, I too, especially love the last kitchen image with the open shelves…stunning!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Victoria, I wish you would post a DONATE widget on your site. You bring so much joy and beauty to my days. Like public radio donations, I for one, would make an annual contribution. Thank you.

  6. Just checked out the rest of her portfolio – her work is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this find with us

  7. So airy and beautiful! I love all of the wonderful florals and gorgeous light!

  8. Tricia Rose says:

    Such a pleasure to see someone with an original vision.

  9. Sienna says:

    i LOVE this decor

  10. Katie says:

    Don’t you just love that sofa??!! It is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in awhile. Have been wanting it for months!

  11. so lovely.
    white is the perfect wingman.

  12. Katie says:

    I love that wallpaper-cutout-whatever–it makes for some great drama behind the sofa. But the colors–especially the pinks–are really what’s getting me. They’re soothing and cheerful.

  13. Thea vintage says:

    Love all of it! Gives me such a nice feeling!

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