good reads: vtwonen.

the issue of vtwonen is out, and it’s got a magalogue. that’s something fairly new, but this one from dutch magazine vtwonen is online (and also an app), and to shop you simply click on the little hearts in the images. mind you, the whole thing is in dutch, but i still found the images most inspiring. The vtwonen house collection is all there — New furniture and accessories, great basics with a twist and two living styles: soft and industrial — all together in the magalogue and in this new issue of vtwonen.

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  1. Nina says:

    Hi Victoria!
    So nice to see my favorite magazine featured on your blog. Just a small correction. VT wonen is a Dutch magazine, as in ‘the Netherlands’. That’s a 2 hour flight from Sweden . Oh well. Details. Your blog is super, love each and every post! (even the ones that mixes up countries, ghe ghe) ;-b
    Best regards from Amsterdam,

    • victoria says:

      thanks nina – i fixed it. and i knew that – i think i was tired last night! i picked up a copy on my last trip to amsterdam, so yes, dutch!! :)

  2. sharon says:

    gorgeous mag & love the little hearts xx

  3. Maaike says:

    Yeah, a fairly dutch post! I love VTwonen and have newest issue and Magalogue. I love it and want all the items!

  4. Love VTwonen, Leslie Shewring got me addicted to it during Holly’s Blogging Your Way NYC workshop, and there’s no going back now… it’s just so good!

  5. Igor says:

    I love vtwonen – last time I grabbed an issue on the airport in Amsterdam and enjoyed every single page.

  6. chezchouke says:

    Glad to be a Dutch girl!

  7. Missie Sue says:

    Fun. I really enjoy all the online magazines you post on your blog–they are very rich sources of inspiration, and inevitably lead me to other wonderful artists, companies, and blogs.

  8. look see says:

    Lots of awesome right there!

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