the colorful world of isabelle tuchban.

this week the selby features the amazingly colorful home of artist Isabelle Tuchband from São Paulo, BRAZIL. Isabelle is the daughter of a French painter, and grew up among paints, canvas and paintbrushes from her father’s studio, learning since her early age how to see the world with the colors of art. her home is an eclectic and kitschy collection, almost a little bit madcap, but i like it that way! and the selby captures her colorful world perfectly.

18 Responses to “the colorful world of isabelle tuchban.”
  1. What an inspiring studio, loving all the bright colours!

  2. It’s funny the fact that, as I was seeing the pictures I was thinking: “What a great house, colors blast from everywhere! Wow!” And then I saw this pineapple (in the 6th photo I think on a shelf, I KNOW, no one else did) and I was like ” Oh why God, why? Why to have a pineapple as part of decoration?”

    PS. I am allergic to them, I don’t like them and I don’t want to see them anywhere. Strange you would think. Ohh yea, ohh yes!! (now after this crazy story you can continue your life! :D )

     In Whirl of Inspiration

  3. vantiani says:

    I am totally totally in awe.
    what a house!

  4. Cathy Jean says:

    Really cool! The Studio is stunning and I love all the Happy colors in her paintings which reflect her surroundings. @ Debbie: “The Pineapple” is an age-old symbol for Hospitality. You often find it painted on cupboards, carved as architectural element’s on furniture etc.. Especially on the East-Coast of the U.S.. It goes back to the Colonial Day’s.

  5. Allyn says:

    Crazy about the vibrancy & color!! and envy all the great light in studio.

  6. Lisbeth says:

    Wow! Just the energy shot I needed today! Thanks. /Lisbeth

  7. Angie says:

    Great creative space. Colourful beyond magic. Thank you for this post! x

  8. What an inspiring home! I really love the colours, vibe and paintings! Amazing!

  9. Abby Carlson says:

    Wow! Painting your house blue – bold move and I love it!! What a colorful and inspiring atmosphere!

  10. WOW! I love everything about this house, especially the turquoise room. So beautiful!
    It is a house that would make me feel SO happy.

  11. milagoudet says:

    Adoro o trabalho desta artista!
    Muito livre e feminino, lindo.

  12. milagoudet says:

    Especialmente os quadros e porcelanas, meio braziliam gipsy.

  13. look see says:

    Great pops of bright colour!

  14. I’m in love! What a beautiful and inspiring space! So much light and colour!

  15. Natsumi says:

    Her home is so beautiful and bright, it seems like you can’t be sad in there.

  16. Julia says:

    Isabelle is my favorite brazilian painter. Her house is just as incredible as her!!

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