things that make my heart sing.

just a few things making my heart sing lalalalala this week: minty fresh chairs, via nordic leaves; Wooden Mini Bowl set from wind and willow home; zangra porcelain light socket with neon orange cord; and these neon wooden bowls, also from wind and willow home.

a wondrous collection of mix and match chairs, via lily.

a merry mishap’s rad hand cut geometric stacking rings — i want them all; west elm’s natural tree stump table; aesthetic movement’s soap dish for izola showers; and lastly, this traditional Wood Saami cup from neëst — It seems that in Finland, if this cup is traditionally offered to a loved one, it will bring luck and happiness. nice.

17 Responses to “things that make my heart sing.”
  1. Wow lovely thing you have found, I have admired the wood saami cup for so long, It’s on my wishlist. Have a wondeful Day.

  2. Livingspace says:

    I get to interact with a few of these beautiful things all the time. My heart’s always singing! Love your taste. Victoria.

  3. Anna @ D16 says:

    So yeah, I actually want EVERYTHING in this post. Every. Single. Thing. I don’t even care that I can’t plug that light into an American outlet—I want it anyway. I want that open magazine on the table that I can’t see, just because I’m sure it’s great.

    See, sometimes I really DO like to pretend that you just write this blog for ME. ;)

  4. JENNA says:

    I want it all! Especially those wooden neon bowls!

  5. Oh my goodness! I am so thrilled that you featured my wood bowls! I love your style, what an honor to be featured among such lovely products. I want them all too.

  6. Justine says:

    I love the Wind & Willow shop, a friend offered me the mini bowls : there are so cute!

  7. Yes to all! Love your style, lady!

  8. Victoria, your wonderful sense of style makes my heart sing! You consistently dish up the most beautiful things!

  9. adair says:

    victoria- do you know the name of that beautiful mint chair? like the type? searching for a perfect dining room table.

  10. adair says:

    thank you. :)

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