good reads: time to refuel.

refueled issue no. 9 is on online stands now. in other words, a free viewable digital copy available for your perusal pleasure on your computer as we speak (Deluxe print copies for purchase, as well). publisher chris brown knows some mighty stylish and creative people from coast to coast, and in this issue of refueled he shares how they live, work and play, and particularly how they express themselves.

refueled contains modern day stories about the resurging interest in our heritage, and how we live today — perhaps not that differently than our ancestors, crafting, sharing, community. in chris’ words, “it’s how they express themselves not only through their craft, but how they dress, through theirs surround, their environment. each one creating something special to them, with passion”. i think you’ll like it…take a look at refueled.

9 Responses to “good reads: time to refuel.”
  1. Naurnie says:

    These are so gorgeous. SO SO GORGEOUS.

  2. Wow – this is awesome.

  3. Amber says:

    thanks for the introduction to this magazine. I think I’m hooked.

  4. Me too! Hooked, that is.

  5. jacqueline says:

    Another magazine to add look at on my iPad. I love how many new publications are producing this way.

  6. lovely images! excited to add this to the list!

  7. Just been flicking through all the back issues – love the feel of this magazine. There are some seriously cool workers boots in these pages – want some NOW!

  8. rs says:

    omg crazy good

  9. Julia says:

    I just found this magazine over the weekend, and most definitely fell in love. Especially with Emma Katka’s photography. I am so glad you shared your review with your readers so that more people will stumble upon its awesomeness.

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