margaux keller design studio.

this structure is an installation of french designer margaux keller’s called next cabin. Next Cabin is a structure that takes the form of a folding wooden hut, but what i fell in love with were these quilts and their simple neon stripe. aren’t they just lovely?

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  1. Christian says:

    Do you happen to know where the quilts are from? Those colors are just so lovely!

    • victoria says:

      the designer’s link is above – margaux keller. but i am not sure they are for sale – they are part of an art installation. i just thought they were inspiring. :)

  2. Awesome, cozy little installation. I wonder what the inspiration was.

    • victoria says:

      you can translate from french in google translation to read more about it her:

      “Next Cabin is a structure that takes the form of a folding wooden hut. These small spaces where temporary define its limits, seek shelter or simply live differently, to rediscover the essential quality and character of things. Shelters personal and intimate, in harmony with the space, which are organized around themes such as work, pop-up culture, loneliness, the game Workplaces alternative to live better and more consciously and where design is offers to research materials, shapes and structures.”

  3. Love the quilts too!

  4. robin says:

    Those quilts are quite nice! I’m supposed to be making a custom print duvet cover for my son, but this makes me think maybe I should save myself some time and just paint right on the duvet!

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