tuesday’s girl: blending in.

some days, i’d just like to wake up and throw on a uniform. i like to blend in. call me shy, or whatever. as a blogger working from home, i practically do that already, but hey — you do not want to see that uniform. trust me. but starting with some basics, and then adding some print and pattern, perhaps that maybe would make for a unique and interesting uniform. maybe that would make me stand out…just a little bit more.

sometimes, it’s nice to blend in, like photographer Guy Coombes ad campaign for 27 names; and nova blending into the woods (below).

proud mary ‘Middle of the Road’ Organic Cotton Scarf blends in nicely with a striped blouse.

i always love some simple patterns, paired with a comfy pair of converse.

more from Guy Coombes ad campaign for 27 names.

4 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: blending in.”
  1. Will have to check out Guys champagne, I would totally wear all of them!

  2. janis says:

    I want Miranda July’s outfit (looks like her in the first photo) – oh those tights! Great style.

  3. fantastic picks, how much easier would getting dressed be if you actually had a uniform? Love the 27 names campaign.

  4. keishua says:

    the collars look so fun. i want to start experimenting with collars.

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