hello, it’s danielle from the jealous curator, and today i’ve come to hang some art on a gorgeous black wall in an even more gorgeous bathroom {look at that tub!}

ahh, so relaxing. almost as relaxing as lazing around in a pool drinking vodka and smoking cigarettes with your hair in a silk turban:

oh, the large-scale, hyper real, brightly-hued acrylic paintings of berlin based artist nina nolte. i would just soak in that huge white tub and pretend that i was one of the girls – hm, has anyone seen my head scarf? anyone?

ok, if smoking in a pool doesn’t work for you, how about this lovely collection of ceramics?

so pretty! these dishes/artwork, by canadian artist laura mckibbon, are perfect in here. i love the black and white, with just a touch of turquoise to pick up the color in the shower tiles. besides, who wouldn’t want a moose and a canoe hanging above their tub? exactly.

now, i’m not sure about you, but the first thing i thought when i saw that black wall was, of course – chalk!

yep, if i had a wall like this i would immediately call brooklyn based hand-letterer dana tanamachi. granted, we’d have to coat her masterpiece in something protective, so that all of her hard work didn’t wash away with every steamy shower – hey, if it worked for the “jerky co”, it’ll work for me!

that was fun – maybe i’ll just have a quick bath before i get on with my day! see you in two weeks, with more art on more walls {and as always, if there’s a room that you’d like to see me hang art in, just let me know} ~ the jealous curator

{bathroom image via canadian house & home}

  1. christine says:

    Ooooo, I love Dana’s work. Loved how O magazine picked her to do a cover for them as well. Have always wondered though how she preserves her stuff so it doesn’t get ruined by the accidental slip of a hand?

  2. Laura says:

    Ohhhh now I am going to redo my bath art! And start smoking in my bath.

  3. Wow Dana’s works are really amazing! i can’t belive how she is doing it! Thank you so much for inspiration and have a beautiful Day!

  4. SO amazing, right?! not sure how she prevents it from smudging, but i’m sure she’s got a few tricks/adhesive up her sleeve!

  5. I love that wall. We’re going to paint our gust bath Kendall Charcoal from B.Moore. Now I just need some art!


  6. Igor says:

    I love the work of Nina Nolte and the ceramics are a fabulous discovery! Thanks!

  7. lacey says:

    I also love the Nina Nolte paintings! Now I want a head scarf, too. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Alexa says:

    Oooh I love those plates! Beautiful designs.

  9. Sarolta says:

    Can I have this bathroom, please? And let Dana Tanamchi fly in? Thanks!

  10. Thomas says:

    That was so very beautiful the ladies that is, the pictures very fine aswell :P. I think you arent jealous of anyone in the world with those sorroundings!

  11. All fabulous! The bath, the art & the ceramics.. & of course Dana’s work! Thanks for sharing.. Hope you are having a lovely week.. xx meenal

  12. Cathy Jean says:

    I dig photo-realism. These painting are great!… If anyone knew how bad my handwriting is, (all my friends do!), they would know how much I appreciate people who can write and draw on chalk-boards. Legibly! It’s awesome. Those are beautiful works.

  13. This is my favorite post yet in one of my favorite columns on SFGirlbyBay! I love how each of these works gives the space a totally different vibe. Danielle- I have just painted and have so many blank walls- can you come to my house please?!?

  14. um… yes!!! ; )
    thank you for your very sweet words maja… i’m so flattered by your comment, and so grateful that victoria gives me such a lovely place to do these posts! xo

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