acid test.

welcome to the colorful west village apartment of Kyle DeWoody, the 27-year-old creative director and cofounder of the art-meets-design store Grey Area. featured on vogue, kyle’s apartment is a wild mix of designer pieces and amazing flea-market finds with an emphasis on modern lines, metals, and artwork that makes it an eclectic masterpiece. i think it most definitely passes the acid test. visit vogue for the full tour.

• photos by Claiborne Swanson Frank for vogue.

9 Responses to “acid test.”
  1. jo says:

    This is exactly what my flat would be like if….
    it was bigger and in New York : )
    I’ve so many car boot and charity shop finds hidden in my mums loft.
    I’m waiting for the day to have a space big enough to fill and decorate!
    I love it.
    Thanks for sharing
    Jo x

  2. Maral Rapp says:

    I could totally live here. Perfect modern with just a whisper of glam… love.

  3. ummm that carpet is INSANE!

  4. Marjorie says:

    I totally couldn’t handle that carpet, but I’m swooning over the rest of the furniture and accessories… Namely the liquor cart. Wow!

  5. audrey says:

    This guy’s 27?!

  6. BT says:

    I love a space that reflects a well-traveled life. Bravo!

  7. RachelD says:

    So Jealous of her art collection! I love that Dan Attoe painting and was lucky to see it at the Portland Art Museum a few years ago. A lovely and bright space!

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