nobody lives here anymore.

even though nobody lives here, The Apartment is a place right after my own heart. as someone who likes to constantly change up my decor, this flat in central Copenhagen was restored beautifully by Tina Seidenfaden Busck and Pernille Hornhaver, who now use it not to live in, but to showcase their amazing inventory of objet d’art, textiles, rare vintage home furnishings and madly cool accessories. neither live in the apartment, so maybe they wouldn’t notice if i simply moved in and squatted for a bit. i love the idea behind this concept store, but my heart aches a little bit that i’m not keeping it company. i can’t wait to see what’s up next at the apartment. let’s all stay tuned, shall we?

22 Responses to “nobody lives here anymore.”
  1. Julie says:

    This place is ah-mazing!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Oh, to have that much open space. Lovely.

  3. harem6 says:

    OMG ! This is absolutely fabulous ! Every object is right where it should be. And that open space is wow !!!

  4. Oh man, those rugs and light fixtures!

  5. A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie says:

    Absolutely divine! I’m droolin’ ova heah!

  6. Cathy Jean says:

    What a great concept for retail. I think they may not notice if you slip yourself over and slyly unpack! This idea is a fabulous opportunity to allow the architecture and the pieces speak for themselves. (In traditional retail you look at pieces/objects in it’s retail home, and decide how an object will look in your own home. Here- the space lets the pieces speak for themselves. Like a virtual museum/retail adventure.) Let’s bring this concept to S.F.!

  7. ileana says:

    someday i will have a pink couch too.

  8. Absolutely, positively gorgeous! What a fabulous way to showcase their wares! I love all the light in the space!

    When you move in, could I join you one evening for drinks? Perhaps we could drink pink elephants in honor of those two patchwork elephants in the apartment?!

  9. eskimo*rose says:

    What a bloomin’ fantastic idea … on a slightly smaller scale my friends are moving all their stuff into the attic room for a day and dressing the house with all their goodies for an open house (a lot of work so hope they do well…) … I can’t wait!

  10. Sarah says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing. I hope to visit it when I head to Denmark this month!

  11. carol neiley says:

    The sunshine is amazing and the contrast in textures and colors, intoxicating. Can I squat there too?

  12. emma lamb says:

    Oh Victoria…
    I am so moving in there will you… it is absolutely perfect! I too love that it is constantly shifting and changing… so inspiring!
    Emma, x

  13. gorgeous textiles! I especially like the pink, b&w striped rug. AND the pink sofa…SWOON.

  14. Could someone please just pack up all those light fixtures and send them my way. Thanks.

  15. Patricia C. says:

    Oh I could happily move in here too!! I love how everything pops out against those white walls, just gorgeous!!

  16. marga says:

    Totally gorgeous the right doses of colour and the right pieces of furniture and complements.

  17. Great Decor. Very vivid and full of live. I like it. Might steal some ideas for my daughter’s place

  18. Jay Gunter says:

    Beautiful. Love the light fixtures and rugs.

  19. Thea vintage says:

    Oh my. This is such an amazing place. The rugs are fantastic, almost a pity, nobody lives there.

  20. Kristin says:

    The light fixtures are stunning, almost remind me of little candies from Willy Wonka. The fur throw on that chair is also great!

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