in my element.

i love every single one of these rooms, and strive for their graceful simplicity, their utter calm. in these rooms, i’m in my element — no feelings of too much clutter or an overly decorated room. just tasteful, ever so stylish, vintage-modern blissed out rooms with some awe-inspiring classic accessories and lighting. i’ll take them all, please.

stylist joanna lavén.

llamas’ valley magazine.

Anne Louise Breiner’s home styled by ellen’s album.

Italian Elle Decor, via vosgesparis.

ellen’s album; and light locations.

architectural digest; and gradient bedding from the fancy.

ngoc minh ngo photography.

stylist joanna lavén.

• top image the fancy platform bed.

11 Responses to “in my element.”
  1. I love the hues of these. The one that really sticks to me is the wood/honeycomb tile combo. That is so genius!

  2. Jee says:

    Wow, the tiles spilling onto the wood floor is amazing.

  3. zayda says:

    Beautiful rooms!

  4. Igor says:

    I’ll take them all, too. To go, please:-)

  5. Erin says:

    Really loving all the dark bedding and the many different types of sexy flooring. I’d move right in to any of these!

  6. ally says:

    these floors make me realize my floors are lacking a bit of pizazz. oh to own.

  7. Leslie says:

    I love the low to the floor bed. You’ve got some great home inspiration!

  8. Thea vintage says:

    Beautiful and relaxing rooms! And the tiles are so cool.

  9. Tess Kelly says:

    I love the brass chandelier in the last photo!!!

  10. Ilze says:

    So refreshing ! And yes, i agree, that honeycomb flooring idea is really unique and very striking ! Also love the bedside tables steering away from the traditional … beautiful post !

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