i feel like i’ve been rugged.

i love rugs. intoxicating beautiful, one of a kind woven pieces of art that just make a room. they’re not just simply comfy cozy and feel good on your feet, they add texture and warmth and character. the folks at loom rugs totally get it right (ABOVE AND BELOW). i love their stunning collection of rugs. here’s a few more i could definitely loll around on, as well.

i’ll take any one of these, from abc carpet and home (above and below).

they call this the old yarn rug, but it’s pretty fresh looking to me, from loom rugs.

bright and bold via style at home magazine.

this dining room has lovely vintage-modern mix and one great rug from amber interiors.

hattane curves rug from anthropologie.

room made beautiful warm by woven rug, via skandia mäklarna.

fabulous dining room rug via the design files.

totally fun Hepsi ‘Hairy’ Rug from loom rugs.

18 Responses to “i feel like i’ve been rugged.”
  1. Sarah J says:

    The rug you mention from loom is actually called an ‘old YARN rug’ not barn. If you look at the glossary section of their website, they explain that the old yarn rugs are made from recycled yarn from old kilims and then re-woven into new rugs.

    I’m only clarifying because I’ve been a long time fan of loom and hoping to pick up one of these beauties in Australia later this year :)

  2. glo says:

    …was up at ABC last week….those carpets are amazing….I wanted to curl up and purr on the stack of beauties….

  3. That yarn rug is the business! An interior designers dream, it goes with just about anything.

  4. courtney says:

    Oh goodness, I love all of these rugs, but especially that dining room! A window seat dining room is too perfect.

  5. I can’t even pick a favorite, all of these rugs are amazing! The colors, the prints, I love them all.

  6. Beautiful . . . there always seems to be something missing in a room without a rug to anchor it all. In fact, I’m looking at a rather blank spot in my lounge right now!?

  7. TieDye64 says:

    Hello, I don’t get to comment often anymore due to insane work hours, but I must tell you I LOVE this post. It’s given me so many ideas. So many ideas rolling around my head. You’re beautiful and I adore your blog, and the beauty you project. Don’t let anyone or anything discourage you. EVER.


  8. christine says:

    The pink one I think its from ABC carpet….I’m totally loving it. Where do you find such incredibly amazing things???

  9. I love every SINGLE ONE of these rugs … looking at them simply makes me feel happier!! Guess, I’ve been ‘rugged’ too :)

  10. yael says:

    RUGTASTIC !!!!!

  11. Thea vintage says:

    Love them! Now I want to buy myself a beautiful colourful rug :-)


  12. Sally says:

    Oh my gosh, that loom rug is the best rug I’ve ever seen. I need it in my life! I never really used to be a fan of rugs but these are all gorgeous!

  13. I adore your blog!! Thank you for sharing so much beauty =)

  14. amy soich says:

    the second to last rug is amazing! thanks for sharing – your blog is always a feast for the eyes. x


  15. Valerie says:

    Love Loom. Any idea on the cost?

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