oh, and happy, happy friday.

this means absolutely nothing at all. except that i like it. and, wish i were running around italy saying, “ciao, i’m off to paris”. or something like that. have a great weekend y’all. i hope you’re somewhere fabulous.

• images: ciao, via frenched; paris, via tom speirs

6 Responses to “oh, and happy, happy friday.”
  1. You and me both! It should be your catch phrase. I see a t-shirt coming…

  2. Just arrived home from Paris so this definitely means something to me! Happy Weekend, Victoria :)!

  3. ina says:

    My Italian dad is in Paris right now, visiting my brother, who lives there. I wish I were there, too!

  4. nauli says:

    The Ciao is my favorite and it really make me regret that we didn’t go to Italy this year but let all the paper deliver to our door… Next year on tour again for sure!

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