put a pom-pom on it.

the september issue of martha stewart living has the cutest diy feature all about the pom-pom. my favorite has got to be this pendant lamp shade with the sweet, unexpected pom-pom’s dangling from it. so cute, but yet not overly so, wouldn’t you say? i might so far as to say these are quite sophisticated pom-poms, at that! the bedspread below is pretty brilliant as well. i’m reading martha via my subscription on zinio these days, which i’m finding most handy!

• photos by matthew williams for martha stewart living.

14 Responses to “put a pom-pom on it.”
  1. rachael says:

    i love this! everything looks so much more fun :)

  2. Kathryn says:

    Love it. I think I’ll try to make one this fall.

  3. Heal's says:

    pom poms make everything that little bit more fun and cheerful. the bread spread is the favourite.

  4. Margarita says:

    Love the combinations especially the bed spread. I remember making pom poms with my mothers as a child and at the school, good fun and easy to make, I use them for decorating cushions at home. nice photos!

  5. Martha does it again! Such a fun way to add a bit of interest around the house.

  6. courtney says:

    I always think of vintage cafe curtains when I think of pom poms. It’s great to see them used so tastefully in all of these different spaces!

  7. Pretty doggone cute!!

  8. Christy Xandrick says:

    Love everything! I would do something like this in a heartbeat but my cat would think they are play toys and there would be yarn all over the house!

    Keep sharing!

  9. Mpho says:

    Beautiful images! I desperately wanted that beautiful bedside table in the 2nd images. Where can I get?

  10. Tiffanie says:

    I loved the lampshade, too! I was recently wondering if big awesome tassels were the new buntings, then what were the new big awesome tassels? I think the answer is clear: pom-poms!

  11. Loving Martha on Zinio too!
    Yes to pom poms.

  12. Love the spice + jewel tones on these lil guys!

  13. Mel says:

    Wow of course – the pom pom! Love the pendant lamp also:)

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