something green this way comes.

there’s something great about greenery and cacti that i love when combined vintage-inspired decor — they seem to both evoke a bygone era. maybe the pale shades of green warm up the older mid-century modern pieces, but whatever it is, there seems to be a wonderful yin and yang there. a stylish symbiosis that just works so well together, like trampoline’s vintage vingette of these melamine trays. love that look!

hindvik’s mid-century modern sofa; the brick house; cuthbert bench table from anthropologie; and vintage Rene Mathieu Wall Lights circa 1950 via 1st dibs.

Møbel Pøbel.

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zen gun.

emily henderson styling, via seesaw.

12 Responses to “something green this way comes.”
  1. Gabriel says:

    I am green with envy. That mid-century sofa! Ay…

  2. Beautiful! Living in an appartment in the middle of SF – I am obcessed with adding greenery to our space. Maybe I’m over compensating for not having a yard. :-)

  3. Bernie Wong says:

    Beautiful, green is my favorite color!! , and so well “put together ” here. I am so inspired now! Thank You!

  4. love the pastel dining table and chairs and the mini bar crate idea!!

  5. Diana says:

    That bar photo with the wire basket…in love.


  6. Zahoor says:

    I like the style of glasses and table.

  7. Amara says:

    So many beautiful pieces!

  8. Just lovely. Big fan of Hindvik’s shop. Just had them on the LÄB last weekend. That shop is chocked full of fantastic vintage finds!

  9. This might just be THE perfect collection of greens. Well done. Also I’m gonna have dreams about those succulents…

  10. How nice to see a presentation of green – and i mean living green – in modern homes. I think live plants instantly create the most awesome style statement, don’t you?

  11. I soooo agree. Succulents are just begging for vintage homes to live in! I was recently photographing a big batch of vintage ceramics and I couldn’t resist plopping a green plant into nearly each one!

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