guest post: Prêt à Voyager.

today, we’re taking a wee trip to paris, with Anne S. Ditmeyer — a graphic designer / editor and author of Prêt à Voyager. She’s been a Design*Sponge contributing editor sharing “sneak peeks” since 2008, and her work has been published in Anthology, Dwell, and more. Follow her travels as @pretavoyager on TwitterInstagram and Everplaces.

Have you ever noticed how the best inspiration doesn’t happen when you’re sitting in front of the computer? For me it comes when I’m swimming laps or wandering the streets. Granted, I’m lucky to call Paris home, but anywhere you go there is inspiration around you. I love walking and how a one-way street suddenly becomes two-way. Or the way that the same view can change depending on time of day or weather, or you look up and discover a new detail. This summer one of my addictions has become Instagram. And while taking pictures on your phone isn’t 100% disconnecting, being out and about in the world is a start. So I decided to pull together some of my favorite (and your – I picked the most “liked”) shots from Paris to help challenge you to start to look at where you live in a new way too.

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  1. Such clever lines. It’s like every photo was meant to be taken to fit with its line.
    And the vibe, oh I swear I almost felt this cool breeze from Paris. Nice, very nice :)

     In Whirl of Inspiration

  2. Oooo, fabulous post! Makes me miss walking aimlessly in Paris! And she has inspired me to photograph more!

  3. Sweet words and images. I love the idea of a roof matching the sky!

  4. You all are totally making my day with your sweet comments. I’m so happy I could contribute today while Victoria is off unplugging and traveling a bit :)

    @Call Me Debbie, promise I had the pictures first and then came up with the captions, but subconsciously bet the captions were in my head!

    @Callie, definitely go out and shoot. I love the mundane – the best subject ever.

    @Rebecca, I have another shot I didn’t use, but the sky is the same beige as the buidling facades – the theme can work in so many ways.

    @Christine, thanks for the nice words :)


  5. Valerie says:

    What a *fun* post….thanks for sharing with us!!

  6. Thanks, Valerie! My goal is always to help inspire to get people out and DO something, but even more importantly to have fun while doing it. This creative stuff should never feel like a chore :)


  7. Oh, how I love your photos from Paris! You’re really one of my favourite Instagram feeds! And the caption works perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Meg says:

    I love this! Great little blurbs on the photos. The roof matching the sky is so lovely.

  9. creativitas says:

    Lovely photos and great blog, everyday visitor here :)

  10. Giulia says:

    Nice to see you here Anne. Love your photos and the stories – amazing how one line can capture so much.

  11. Megan says:

    Such a cool post!

  12. @Toni, ah! You’re too sweet. You’ll always be one of my style icons :)

    @Meg, thanks! We’ll have to go a matching sky/facade shoot soon!

    @creativitas, Thanks for visiting both places. You too @Giulia!

    @Megan thanks so much! Nice to feel it’s a bit refreshing for people to see.

    Cheers all!

  13. Instagram-addicted as well, I love this post. Which font did you use? Thanks!

  14. Cony says:

    Such a pretty post! I totally agree with the fact that the place or city changes so much depending on the time of the day! Buenos Aires is so different at night and day! And I love that, because it makes it not original but unique.
    And I can’t download Instagram on my phone :( So sad! I want it so bad!!

  15. Oh, I really do love this post. Such lovely images and words by Anne – thank you for sharing with us all.

  16. Tiffany says:

    So good. I love the zebra + “regarde le ciel”. Each time I see that tag it makes me smile and remember to look up.

  17. @planktonfisher it’s trade gothic, the same font I use in my branding for my portfolio + blog too

    @cony, wouldn’t it be cool to see a comparison of places with these same ideas? … don’t let the phone be a crutch, you can still have fun taking pics

    @will, always the highest compliment coming from you

    @tiffany, I agree. Always love the reminder to look up!

  18. Cathy Jean says:

    Nice work! I think along these lines just don’t always have the words.. I bet you let the images speak for themselves without having to think too much . That’s how art works! It speaks back. ;-)

  19. Lovely! I’m inspired to take my camera out amongst the glory of my own little city :)

  20. Mimi says:

    Beautiful photographs and poignant thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

  21. @cathy jean – so right. If it doesn’t speak for itself it’s not working. No need to force it.

    @courtney – very happy to hear that. that was my goal :)

    @mimi – thanks so much for the kind words!


  22. keely says:

    Such beautiful pictures, I love the serene and peaceful feel to them.
    Are you able to give a little information regarding how you overlaid the font on the photos?

  23. Thanks, Keeley! No special trick for the font (except I’m used to working with it because I use it in my own branding all the time). I create a new layer in photoshop and then play around with size, and here I wanted a hint of color. White or black can be harsh, but I felt the soft pink worked well with the photos (and Victoria’s site!). Just move the type around until it feels right, and make sure it’s legible. Try GIMP as a free alternative to Photoshop.

    Bon courage!

  24. I am loving the colors of your city… Will be there in about two weeks ;)
    Thanks for sharing your images !

  25. Desiree, yep. I live in Paris :)


  26. nicole says:

    this is a really, really, really, really dreamy post! i adore these full circle moments that you have created. i find myself coming back to your photos over & over again Anne. and i can tell that you are a kind & generous spirit which makes it all even better! of course it doesn’t hurt that you’re in Paris, but you girl, are truly an inspiration! fantastic, thank you. oxo

  27. Lovely photos Anne! Makes me want to get back to Paris and go exploring around those sexy streets.

  28. Really nice photos!! It would be nice if we could be in Paris enjoying those moments.

  29. susan says:

    love anne…love this post…great to see her here ;)

  30. Nicole, thank you for the sweetest note ever. I try to do things that are genuine and real, and share the world around me to inspire others. Yes, I live in Paris, but it can happen anywhere. (I loved Baltimore just as much before).

    Mister Sullivan, Paris is always here with open arms.

    The slow pace, travel vicariously through books, music and movies for now! Find your Paris where you live.

    Susan, so sweet as always!


  31. Hege says:

    What a beautiful post! So inspiring! hx

  32. Roberta says:

    How could you not love Paris! I really enjoyed your pics, such ann inspiring view of the city of love.

  33. rachael says:

    what a gorgeous post!

  34. Hege, Roberta & Rachel, Thanks so much for your kind words! Means a lot :)


  35. Ana says:

    That “matching sky to roof” photo is absolutely amazing!

  36. The Dame says:

    I just spent my first ever week in Paris and fell instantly in love! The beautiful buildings! The gorgeous men, the chic style, love it!

    I took this shot at the Eiffel Tower carousel and its my favourite Paris photo :)

  37. Amandine says:

    Beautiful Pictures Anne.
    Funny to think that I had to virtually cross the Ocean to see the beautiful pictures of the area actually leave in. It makes me feel like rushing to Café de l’Industrie to see if that matching guy is still there, or go and find this “regarde le ciel” invitation. But instead of that, I guess I’ll work a bit more before going for a fresh beer along the Canal… ready for “reflection”. Paris is a wonderful city, a huge and unique source of inspiration. That’s what I’m trying to convey my guests visiting Paris. But I know that it is not that easy to “capture” in some shots it’s real soul and for sure you made it Anne. Merci