makeshift society: doors are open.

well, guys, at long last makeshift society has opened the doors! we’re not 100% finished with construction, but just a couple of minor things to tweak, and we just didn’t want to wait anymore! it was so much fun to decorate, and i will be sure and update you as we progress. in the meantime, here’s a peek around our hayes valley creative co-working space and clubhouse — we hope you like what you see, and if interested in joining us, visit makeshift society. follow makeshift on twitter and facebook.

makeshift could not have made it thus far without the talents of our wood worker/finish carpenter michael woo and the kind generosity of our lovely sponsors:

anthropologieschoolhouse electricgreenhouse design studio

restoration hardwarekohlerchronicle books

princeton architectural presslaurence king publishing

methodpublic bikesthe bold italicphotojojo

• all photos by victoria smith | sfgirlbybay.

72 Responses to “makeshift society: doors are open.”
  1. Cara says:

    Congratulations! It looks fantastic. A bright, airy space that’s perfect for convening those creative minds!
    I’m visiting from Toronto next month…hope you don’t mind me poking my head in for a look :-)

  2. Kathryn Cole says:


    Good Morning! Your space looks AMAZING! If I were in San Francisco, I would love to be a part of this. I’m a little too far away in Denver! Your photos are beautiful too!

    Have a Beautiful Day!

  3. This is an incredible concept. If if it ever in the works to expand to minneapolis/st. paul I would love to help!

  4. rebecca says:

    Congratulations – it looks amazing and is such a good concept! Makes me wish I lived in San Francisco…

  5. WOW! It looks fab, so exciting! What a great project. Can you open one in Sweden next, please?! :)

  6. The space looks so inviting and full of inspiration. I hope all will go well…

  7. Janine says:

    Congratulations—it looks like a great place to hunker down and get creative!

  8. Meg Gleason says:

    What an absolutely lovely space! Loving those lockers and book shelves.

  9. katrina says:

    the space looks beautiful, victoria. i’m loving all the natural light. congratulations and woo hoooos!

    ps lucy is so well-behaved. so cute!

  10. Kelsey says:

    Hi Victoria! Everything looks so wonderful!

    Do you know where that black wall sconce is from?

  11. Sarolta says:

    Oh, how I wish I lived in San Francisco right now! That just looks like the best place to work and meet creative minds. Congratulations!

  12. oh yay! it’s so tremendously great.

  13. Julian Hazlett says:

    I am so inspired by this idea. The space is incredible. Would love to have a place like this in
    Birmingham, Alabama.

  14. rena says:

    hey woman, WE DID IT!!!! xo

  15. Kim Senn says:

    It looks fabulous, Victoria. Congratulations!

  16. Keely says:

    So excited to visit at last!!!!! It looks gorgeous, well done!

  17. It looks stunning. Can’t wait to visit one day :) and hopefully make an event or two. Congratulations.

  18. Kate W. says:

    Woop! You ladies are so inspiring. I can’t wait to see what groundbreaking creative work happens within these walls. Hats off to you!!

  19. Paula Mangin says:

    Victoria, this is wonderful. Going to come by and check it out, would love to come blog/draw/dream from here.


  20. this looks amazing can’t wait to check it out

  21. Uncle Beefy says:

    Gorgeous! I LOVE it! What a tremendous accomplishment and I’m thrilled for all of you! Hugs and congratulations! xo UB

  22. I just joined! I can’t wait!

  23. Li Jacobs says:

    beautiful space! wondering where all those great pillows came from?

  24. So great- congratulations!

  25. Rachel says:

    Oh Victoria how lovely!!! Congrats. The members are so lucky to have the fruits of your creativity.
    xo, R

  26. Igor says:

    What a great place, Victoria! Well done! Love the mix of new and vintage!

  27. riye says:

    What a great looking place! Best of luck with your new adventure. (And good luck with finding a new place–sounds like you have one lined up already?)

  28. Kelly Berg says:

    It’s looking fabulous! Congratulations!! So excited to to see it in person…and even more excited to co-teach a workshop there in October. Thank you to all of you for opening up this amazing space.

  29. Aran says:

    Oh how exciting. I just heard about it this morning on the Creative Little Beasts podcast. Congratulations!

  30. Diana says:

    Hey Victoria! I’m going to be in town for the 3% conference ( during the Makeshift Society mixer and would love to come. Any chance you’ll open it up to out of towners?


  31. Whoo-hoo! Looks amazing! Doing a post about MSS this week. Thanks for having a swell media page on the site. Love that.

  32. tamara says:

    Had my nose pressed up against the glass yesterday; adore the new space! Brilliant idea ladies-

  33. jodi says:

    it looks so wonderful!! what a happy, inspiring space. also? what a great partner line up you have! congrats on everything!

  34. stunning… of course! congratulations ladies – it’s fantastic! (wish i lived in san francisco!)
    d. xo

  35. Chervelle Camille says:

    So awesome! It looks great. Very excited for you ladies!

  36. jan says:

    congratulations ladies – it looks lovely!

  37. So sad that I don’t live in SF right now! Everything about this space gets my creative juices flowing, seems like a perfect spot to get cracking on creativity! Where did you find those lovely wooden shelves?

  38. Alix says:

    It looks amazing!! But the Lucy cameo is my favorite part….
    : )

  39. Michelle says:

    WOW! amazing. thank you for including us. looking forward to visiting later this year.

  40. lorena says:

    wow ladies, so impressed, you are amazing!

  41. Congrats! This is such an exciting time!

  42. Kayla says:

    It looks beautiful, Victoria. Next time I’m up there and need a work-zone, I’ll be day passin’ it!

  43. Danielle says:

    I’m moving to San Francisco in November and I am *super* excited, not only to live in such a fab city, but also to join Makeshift Society! I hope theres room for a new-to-town Aussie? See you in a couple of months! :D

  44. Cora says:

    Looks wonderful – makes me want to move to San Francisco. You girls need to tour!
    Wishing you all the best of luck with everything

  45. Emma Howard says:

    Make Shift Society has a very comforting feeling about it. Looks. Ambience. A story-in-the-making for a new film about creatives in SF.

  46. Lynell says:

    What a bright and great working space! Looks like you could use some art on the walls! :) I could help with that… ;)

  47. alex says:

    My heart breaks that I am far away in a little Canadian city. I would be a member in an instant. All the classes as well…sigh. Fantastico! Best of luck with the venture Victoria.

  48. WOW! It looks fantastic! I’ve been meaning to sign up – going over to the site right now! Can’t wait to spend my time there on the weekends blogging!


  49. Gorgeous space, Victoria! You really know how to transform a space. I wish I still lived in the area.

  50. Margaret says:

    Brilliant idea Victoria (and Suzanne). Best to you both!

  51. congrats. looks great!

  52. Suzanne says:

    Stunning space! Where is the green couch from??

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