round and round we go.

i’ve been saving these images up, pretty, light and airy rooms, all of them vintage-modern design with a fresh, scandinavian influence. but then i noticed there was another theme here. cylindrical objects in every single one — from the bubble lamps (above and below) to the stools, to the round coffee table. round and round we go, whether intentional or not. i’m found of round furnishings though, i think they allow for more flow through a room, rather than say a boxy coffee table standing in my way! i wonder what that says about me?

stylist camilla krishnaswamy for sköna hem.

petit stools via, petra bindel.

wrought-iron and wood round side table, via real simple

turquoise-based stools, via kleinlab via bloesom kids.

globe lamp, via the apartment.

round glass coffee table, via charlotte magazine.

15 Responses to “round and round we go.”
  1. Wondeful interior and lamps, love the personal decor in each, thank you for the inspiration and have a great Day.

  2. Holly says:

    Nice image collection! I love the second to last one. And so interesting on the common roundness factor. I actually featured an interesting study on my blog regarding personality and preferences for round versus angular shapes ( Some interesting findings.

    Best wishes!

  3. I’m drawn to a touch of round elements in a room as well – there’s something so inviting about a curve …

  4. Magali says:

    Gorgeous homes. I’m starting to really fall in love with Scandinavian design, it makes the room look bigger, cleaner & more airy IMO (does that makes sense?).
    Sadly this love will be unrequited, there is almost zero chance of me getting anything like that here in Mumbai.

  5. Thanks for my daily eye-candy.. I needed that! :)

  6. Ann Greiner says:

    The spool table shown above is also available from this domestic manufacturer:

  7. Rebekka says:

    I love them ALL! That first one is perfection!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the large piece of artwork anchoring the art wall in the 3rd photo. And every single one of those light fixtures are to die for.

  9. sécia says:

    wow. love the brightness juxtaposed with that black leather!


  10. Libbynan says:

    Round is cozy! Any room that is all straight lines feels cold and unwelcoming. Of course, you don’t want all curves, but you need some. Like some of your other readers, I feel you are gradually winning me over to Scandinavian sensibility; which frankly surprises me a lot. It’s not what has appealed to me in the past, but you keep showing us such lovely rooms that I can’t help loving. Thanks, I think.?.

  11. anne says:

    I just love that quilt hanging on the wall. My mom is a graphic designer for McCalls and we always had so many quilts in our house growing up. I always thought that they were corny, and now I realize how quaint and cozy they can make a home. She makes the most incredible designs, full of color and expression, and I just can’t get enough. Thanks for these gorgeous images!

  12. cathy says:

    I can’t tell what the hanging thingies are in photo 1, but I LOVE them! Huge paper flowers, maybe? Does anyone know anything about them? I’m also pretty taken with the wrought iron and wood table in pic 4. Is it a DIY or available somewhere?
    I decorate in a funky Scandinavian-meets-global-meets-earth mama style, but thanks for the extra inspiration!

  13. you do seem to love the rounded objects! They make those rooms seem much more fluid that’s for sure. Gorgeous.

  14. These images are fantastic, I love the colours used and the creativeness and simplicity.

  15. Clare says:

    I’ve had this tab open in my browser all day meaning to read it and I was just looking at my lounge room thinking – I need more curves – everything’s blocky – and then I read through this gorgeous post! Yes! Curves!

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