austin is definitely a city that marches to the beat of their own drum … and that doesn’t stop with jo’s coffee.

best known for their “iced turbo” — this delicious, ice-cold coffee drink is like rocket fuel. it’s perfectly sweetened with a touch of mocha to cure even the harshest mid-day slump (or weekend hangover). the great thing is, it doesn’t stop there. bbq pulled pork? check. ice-cold brew? check. american spirits? check. adjacent to the san jose hotel? double check.  this is like the land of milk & honey when it comes to coffee shops. it doesn’t get much better than this people. next time you’re in the area, drop by & get your monthly quota of caffeine. you won’t be disappointed.

until next time,

nathan michael

I’m a big fan of their tuna albacore sandwich. served with a twist on a lemon parsley aioli & capers.

in some ways, texas is like college … there’s always that one guy playing guitar that no one wants to listen to :)

* all photographs by nathan michael

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8 Responses to “NM | BEST OF”
  1. oh man, i want that tuna sandwich

  2. meligrosa says:

    i have a foto of that same ‘sugars’ stand, says in very old fashion: ‘the best coffee in town’
    i’m a california native and i love [what i’ve seen so far of] the lone star state.
    <3this stretch. and across the st. amy's ice cream<33

  3. CLH says:

    And directly across from the Continental Club!
    And this Kerouac quote painted on the back wall, facing the parking lot!

    Says the overexcited person who moved to the Bay Area from Austin.

  4. ale norris says:

    i live in austin and this is definitely one of my favorite places! perfect location, perfect drinks.

  5. Ann says:

    Love this post! Love Jo’s! Love SF Girl by Bay! Your awesomeness is showing up on all my local Austin FB feeds. =) Makes me smile. Love that ATX is learning about the fab Victoria Awesome. (BTW, when are you coming for a visit?)

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