oh, and happy, happy friday.

it’s been quite a couple of weeks. when i found out the home that i rent was being sold, it induced a panic and feeling of hopelessness that i hadn’t known for some time. i mean, this is my home — and even though i just rent it, i’ve put a lot of love and care into it for the past couple of years. but i must move on, literally and figuratively because it just is what it is. i think i have found a place (fingers crossed) but i wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you here commenting, and on twitter and facebook for the kindness, positivity and the awesome support you’ve been dishing out to me. it is most appreciated and it’s what helps me see my way through this. onward and upward, over the hills, and eventually i will land somewhere. i can’t wait to share that with you. it’s okay.

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  1. Anna @ D16 says:

    Here’s to better days, my friend. xx

  2. Mariela says:

    Happy Friday to you too, and hope everything gets better and better for you : )


  3. I can feel your pain. You’re right though, I think once you accept it, things start to happen. Prux

  4. Tanya says:

    I’m so happy you (fingers crossed) found a home because I cannot wait to see how you set it up :). Have a great weekend!


    A Taste of T

  5. liza says:

    How unsettling. Wishing you the best in your new place. **smiles**

  6. Cathy Jean says:

    Tres Awesome sentiments: “It’s Ok!” Thanks for reminding me/sharing your story while I go through hardships with a less than savory landlady myself! It’s all going to be ok is something I ask my husband to say to me when I feel insecure. It helps and it always is. Stay strong! xoxo

  7. Yvonne C. says:

    you are so darling!
    thanks for sharing your feeling of “it’s ok”
    glad to hear the light is peeking back in….

  8. emerson says:

    i love your blog! i’m a little bit of a new reader, and i just love reading what you write! congratulations on your potential new home…my finger are crossed as well! :)

  9. victoria says:

    thank you all so, so much. it does indeed feel much lighter all of a sudden. xo

  10. elizabeth says:

    victoria, i am so glad that you have a place in mind!!! i am also a renter. {it is sf, after all} like you, i take a lot of pride in my home and i never think of it as a temporary place, it is my home. i am so sorry that you have to leave your exquisite home that you have shared with us. it has given us all inspiration.

    cathy jean, i am right there with you. i have a really unsavory landlady, and, as i have found out the hard way, an equally unsavory property management company. i hope that everything works out for you!!!

  11. I’ve been thinking about you and sending you good rental vibes in tough in SF. Wishing you great nesting!

  12. Nik says:

    poor you, it certainly is bought being a renter – never knowing if the rug is going to be pulled out from under you. i hope your new place becomes ‘home’ faster than you think. :) to new beginnings!

  13. Diane says:

    Okay, we’re all coming to help you move! : ) Hang in there, and just holler if you need a hand.
    San Diego Gurl by the Lagoon (wink)

  14. Stunning! I really like it. Thank you so much for the great share!

  15. Cara says:

    Whatever space you find, rest assured it will look like a million bucks (better than the million bucks for the house you’re leaving behind!) I feel your pain…living in Toronto, spaces get more expensive by the second. It’s a crazy real estate world, but remember even a tiny shoebox in SF is STILL SF! For that I consider you lucky indeed!

  16. Bobbie says:

    Crossing my fingers for your search in the city. I know the market is tough, but there are so many wonderfujl areas in town. Can’t wait to see what you find. Also glad to see you heading graphics back on my computer. Love it.

  17. Rachel says:

    Leaving a home is never easy, but, you will find it. even though you know things are tight in your market, I have no doubt you find somewhere to hang your hat-it will be a new beginning! Best wishes Victoria! <3

  18. Sara says:

    I just love that you keep stepping forward. You are a great role model—your positive attitude makes me want to keep coming back to your blog. Thanks for sharing your steps.

  19. Jessica says:

    Change is never easy, but it’s always an adventure! I’m sure this next step will take you to another place that you’ll be calling your home in no time. Thanks for always sharing your story with us!!

  20. janis says:

    My fingers are crossed for you Victoria.
    Nice meeting you last we at MS, and thank you for the tour …and hope your cold is over and gone :^)

  21. Laura says:

    Glad to hear you found someplace. Can’t wait to see all your creativity at work. Too bad all your readers can’t help with the move while you rest up in that great hotel room!

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