later, dryer sheets.

this post in partnership with method.

did y’all know that dryer sheets are kinda evil? i mean, they probably didn’t intentionally start out that way, they’re just little ol’ dryer sheets, afterall. but what you maybe didn’t know is that they’re often made from animal fat in the form of tallow. which also means they can’t be composted. bleeck, right? i do not want to be tossing animal fat in with my clean clothes.

so the smart people at method came up with a solution for keeping our clothes soft — they’ve invented the world’s first dryer-activated fabric softener spray. not a drop of bad stuff, just clean smelling softener that works when your clothes start fluffing around in the dryer, all on their own. i’m switching to method spray. in the meantime, what to do with all those dryer sheets, since they are now going to be obsolete? how about a farewell banner? yep, later, bon voyage, see ya dryer sheets!

11 Responses to “later, dryer sheets.”
  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing that information! I feel gross now and I want to go wash ALL my clothes and dry them with Method spray!!

  2. christin says:

    I love Method’s dryer sheets but I’m really excited to try the spray!

  3. Wow, I was not aware of this. Thanks for the information. I will certainly watch what I add in with my clean clothes.

  4. Katia says:

    I saw this at the store and I’ve been trying it for a few weeks. I’ve noticed that they don’t leave the clothes *quite* as soft as dryer sheets, but the lingering smell is amazing!!

  5. Lisa says:

    Wah! I didn’t know such a thing existed! Thanks, method!

    I haven’t used dryer sheets for years now — was after I found out about all the nasties lurking in there, in fact. I do miss the fluffy softness tho! Can’t wait to try the new method :-D

  6. Ann Dillon says:

    That and I understand that the dryer sheets add to drying time and I just read today that your filter may “look” clean but it covered in tiny bits of that animal “stuff”. Yuck!

  7. tonya says:

    This post was weird and interesting to me. Because I don’t know anyone personally that finds tallow “bad”. I use tallow (from completely grass-fed cows) exclusively as my moisturizer (including my face) because it’s a traditional and natural method from ancient cultures. And I have fantastic skin. It was good before, but now it’s even better. However, I doubt that the tallow in dryer sheets is probably the same high-quality and humanely farmed tallow that I use on my face, so I probably need to rethink using them, or at least do a little more research about it. Thanks for the info.

  8. Stina V says:

    Ugh! Thanks for info, won’t be using them anymore!

  9. Oh, yes… I’ve known about this grossness! I just use soap nuts to wash clothing, no fabric softener of any kind. Sometimes I’ll use 7th Generation washing liquid or Zum (it’s a splurge at $20) and just use vinegar in the rinse cycle. Vinegar is a great natural fabric softener and leaves zero smell. Awesome. xx

  10. robina says:

    The icky dryer sheets can be used to get the musty smell out of books. It works pretty well!

  11. Mike Fischer says:

    Thanks for sharing, I didn’t really know about this.

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