that old black magic.

as i hunt around for inspiration for my new apartment i’m finding myself steering towards black and white again, with a lot of neutrals and natural woods thrown in for good measure. i think i will always be drawn to the clean, fresh scandinavian look, with mid-century modern accents. danish modern furniture and lighting designed in that era is just so uniquely stunning — and they certainly don’t make it quite like that anymore. here’s what’s been inspiring me this past weekend.

getting the look above with a Black Marble Hand Woven Cotton Rug by Suki Cheema, from couverteur and the garbstore; one big graphic “e” from Jamin Puech Atelier via pampa press; and a fantastic mid-century modern wood coffee table from ethanollie.

beautiful bedroom belonging to the brick house; vintage letters via patric johansson photography; vintage george nelson bubble wall sconce, via amy’s vintage decorium.

lovely plants clustered with art and book collection, via weekday carnival.

black & white bitchin’ kitchen, via weekday carnival.

vintage stool and black sofa via patric johansson photography; getting the look from the equestrian black leather tufted sofa via schoolhouse electric; vintage shooting range target from ethanollie.

jake’s really great art collection via old brand new.

mid-century modern stool and sheepskins make this sofa cozy, via stil inspiration.

• top image via the brick house.

10 Responses to “that old black magic.”
  1. Love these. I spent the weekend over at Weekend Carnival and am so in love with that site right now. Their shop is amazin’!

  2. EM-K says:

    Pinning everything. This post might as well have been called “EM-K’s Taste”

  3. Cara says:

    amazing spaces!

  4. Anna @ D16 says:

    GIMME. Just deliver it all to my house. Including Morgan’s entire bedroom (dogs included).

  5. I love natural woods and English cottage decor (but not necessarily everything floral.) I like snooping on and looking at homes in the UK, Iceland, Sweden, etc for design inspiration.

  6. Mike Fischer says:

    I just loved the pictures. The combination of black and white is,indeed, magical. Including the combo in interior furnishings is the in thing I guess.

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