tuesday’s girl: orla kiely.

the autumn winter collection from orla kiely is out and it’s just as lovely as ever. i like this new use of solid fabrics as much as her go-to prints and patterns. the 2012 orla kiely collection seems a little on the mod side to me, with high waisted jumpers and car coats shown with tights and mary janes or booties and that dark berry stain lip color — which reminds me a bit of 1960’s mary quant. a favorite era of mine for design.

10 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: orla kiely.”
  1. Cho says:

    Beautiful lip color, darker than wine, producing an sophisticated and luscious image! All of the outfits are gorgeous!

  2. Bojana says:

    I’m in love with every single thing about this.

  3. Sydney says:

    I adore this collection, and am coveting the black wool with white fur collard coat! In fact, I just listed it on my blog too :)


  4. hannah sas says:

    I agree the lip colour is divine! the bold prints are really in this season, i would love to find a high street alternative to orla kiely. Any ideas?
    i also love this cheaper printed blazers!

  5. So iconic – perfect for this time of year.

  6. victoria says:

    Love, love, love!

  7. annie says:

    have you seen the orla kiely collection for uniqlo? they have tshirts, dresses and scarves and hoodies there in her different prints! i was so excited when i got into new store on powell street. picked up some scarves, a dress and a tshirt…everything was really cute.

  8. So beautiful. And really exciting, because this design movement is also being reflected in the new sewing patterns that are coming out in the fabric industry. I LOVE this style!

  9. Mina says:

    That yellow coat and scarf! Swoon! I have been an Orla fan for years. Love her!

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