cozy up with ikea.

i was at ikea this week and scored this awesome book of theirs, beloved homes (it was a mere $7.99!). A book about nine much-loved homes in the Scandinavian style, beloved homes shares home tours with wonderful ideas incorporating ikea furnishings and accessories filled with character. From a tiny but clever apartment to a sprawling eighteenth-century house, there’s some great ideas here. i’m curled up in bed, reading it now, so i thought i’d take you along. Welcome to beloved homes by Stina Holmberg, and photographs by Stellan Herner and including sweet illustrations by Klas FahlĂ©n.

13 Responses to “cozy up with ikea.”
  1. Octavia says:

    Love the Scandinavian style! Especially the dinning room table and chairs! I have been taking inspiration from The Apartment a danish interior deisgn company here is some of there looks!

  2. Yay to IKEA! The always get everything right. The homes in this book look really fab, I must pick up a copy next time I’m there.

  3. Oh I love Ikea! I will get a copy of this as soon as possible.

  4. Greta says:

    Oh, I love that book! I also just adore the IKEA cook book! Great Swedish recipes and lovely photos!

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Rox says:

    love me some ikea. what a great book for inspiration.

  6. Diane says:

    You manage to integrate Ikea into a refreshing, personal style. Love it!

  7. alyssa a says:

    I’ve never not boughten anything every time I go to Ikea. What a lovely book with so much inspiration.

  8. Sparkie says:

    Need I remind you that you’ve been looking for this book for five years?

    Yes, a true OG follower here. I’ve looked for that book off and on since seeing it on your blog then. Looks like a trip to Emeryville’s in store… No chance you bought an extra or 2, is there?

  9. shalini says:

    Looks very promising. Love Scandinavian style and simplicity.

  10. Casey says:

    Love that book. Found one on amazon a while back. Do you happen to know where that blue ceiling light is from? I didn’t think it was ikea…

  11. The book is marvelous, it shows off Ikea products in a whole new light.

  12. lisen says:

    I have the same book, it is great! Love it!

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